convert ost to pst manually

Why convert OST to PST manually when you have great tools available.

Many of the people these days have been searching for a solution for converting their OST to PST. But the biggest problems faced is, most of the people who are using such kind of software are not a technical person. Hence when it comes to converting your OST files into PST you need software that can do the job for you without any manual human interference.

What are the options available to convert OST to PST online free

You can find many options on the internet for converting your OST files into PST. But if you are a professional or an individual who does not have much of technical knowledge then you must go for the software called the OST Extractor Pro.

The OST Extractor Pro software is filled with features that will help you in the recovery of your files. It has a brilliant 24/7 customer friendly support system that can help you at any point of the conversion. Hence it does not matter if you are having a technical knowledge or not the technical team will guide you through each and every step to help achieve your goal that is the recovery of OST files.

The biggest advantage of using this software is you won’t be losing any data in the process of conversion and recovery. Another thing is, it does not ask you what to do after every step. Simply upload the file and leave the work to the software. Within few minutes it will convert all your OST files into the desired output of PST file format.

Some of the benefits of using the OST Extractor Pro

convert ost to pst manually

There are many benefits of using the OST Extractor Pro few of them are listed below

Bulk file recovery

Bulk file recovery means with the help of logic targeted Framework used by the software, helps to improve the data flow during the recovery process. It makes the recovery faster compared to the other tools available in the market to convert OST to PST.

Handling of large OST files

As we are talking about OST files that are the files that are saved in your mailbox it is very sure that you must be having large OST files because of the emails that are stuffed in your mailbox. Also sharing of files through emails causes the bulking of the data because of a number of attachments that each email holds. Hence the developers have made the use of an extensive algorithm that helps in handling the large OST files. It breaks the OST files into many segments to help you with faster and efficient recovery.

Supports multiple sources

The OST Extractor Pro is great for handling multiple sources which can be Outlook versions from 97 to 2017, Office 365 Outlook subscriptions and ANSI OST files.

Multiple output options

It gives the users the option to convert the output PST file into many formats such as MBox files, EML files, Apple mail achieve, Thunderbird and postbox.

Try it here:

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The OST Extractor Pro is the best software that is available online to help you convert OST to PST Outlook 2016 and other version. Go grab your software now and make your life easier.