transfer eml files to outlook for Mac and Windows

Transfer EML files to Outlook automatically!

Whether you need to transfer EML files to Outlook or to convert apple mail, Postbox, Thunderbird, MBOX to PST, Mail Extractor Pro by USL software is perfect for you. It is appropriate for single usage as well as for use in office spaces, there is no learning curve involved and the intuitive interface guides the users through it all. Other than that, its creators have taken care to mould its service for fast and accurate results.

eml files to outlook

All-round success to transfer EML files to Outlook

This is the software you should be looking for as your work-from home companion. Apart from those mentioned above, this software can transfer EML files to Outlook for Mac and Windows as well. The process too is quite convenient, it has been explained below with the corresponding image.

Step-wise instructional

As specified in the image, the user has to click on the button with the name of the database they would like to convert EML to PST. After selecting EML, the user has to select and deselect the files that they want to convert. The users have the choice to ignore the empty folders in the database by ticking the box, this would save them from a lot of prospective frustration. If files are larger than 15 gb then the user can opt to split the files.

Takes lesser time than expected

As you would have observed, there is no need to transfer the raw files to the windows in order to carry the conversion. As the conversion takes place in the mac itself, it is safer as well as faster.

The bulk conversion method also has a significant part to play in providing fast speed. As one can send several files for conversion at once, the amount of time and effort to be invested is much lesser.

Compatible with complex data

Unlike an ordinary software, this one can process all types of data without even slowing down. It is safe for non-English language data since it is compatible with Unicode. So, converting files which are in languages such as Chinese, Korean and Japanese-languages that use double-byte characters is easy.

Similarly, the metadata is also provided safety by this software. Several parts of a mail data are as important as the contents. The details therefore like subject, date, read/unread status are provided utmost safety.

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Keeps folders well-arranged

Users of this software do not have to input any of their time to keep their data safe and located at the right place. This software makes sure that the folders and subfolders are arranged in a hierarchical order. Finding out any file would not take any time.

Not to mention, this software ignores the empty folders automatically. It is a bigger advantage than it sounds like, since it can be quite a nuisance to handle empty folders.

Get a free trial version of this software, click on the link provided below. Upgrade to the full version to get special features and freedom to convert unlimited files.

transfer eml files to outlook