Apple Mail to Thunderbird Transfer

Transfer Apple Mail to Thunderbird

Transfer Apple Mail to Thunderbird Neatly – Here are all the Resources you need!

Apple Mail and Thunderbird

Apple Mail and Thunderbird, two most celebrated software programs for dealing with all email related goals and activities. They are also often called information manager, as they not only help you with emails but also with contacts and calendar. Both clients are free, and both have their own way of storing data.

The last sentence about is what causes the stir during email migration. Lack of proper official data migration feature across them makes it difficult for both experts and basic users who try to switch their clients and want to migrate data accurately.

So, How to transfer Apple Mail to Thunderbird

We have a solution.

Forget about losing your folder hierarchy, your precious photos of friends and family in your emails, your email attachments (no matter how large or what format), your non-English emails or text in headers, and forget about all similar data integrity errors.

Forget about getting lost in the rabbit hole of technically complex tutorials and trying to make sense of the user-interfaces of many third-party Apple Mail to Thunderbird migration tools.

This is all possible with the help of “Mail Extractor Max.”

Transfer Apple Mail to Thunderbird

Make no mistake about this program. It is not your typical converter for dealing with Apple Mail files like MBOX or EMLX. If you have ever been looking for a complete software solution that offers all the essentials and make the task not just possible but professional, here is your chance.

Get down to the trial version of the tool that is completely free. You can grab it below and use all the features with complete freedom. It only limits the items to ten per folder, giving you ample opportunity for testing.

The features that you need to know

Continue reading the notable features below, if you do not want to download it just yet:

  • One of the most commendable features that you might notice right away is the simplicity – beginning from the installation to the final step.
  • Mail Extractor Max” gives you plenty of options in how you want to convert the data, specifically how you want to input the data you want to convert. It allows picking the auto-load option to load the primary Profile/Identity of your Apple Mail, along with any backup or exported databases from other locations.
  • It has a basic friendly interface that gets to the point straight away. The clever use of layout space organizes the interface and the features to make intuitive use of the tool.
  • Remember all those data components discussed above: images, attachments, Unicode text and headers, nested emails, etc.? This app can get right down to the business and pick the tiniest information and process it without errors. There are no data integrity flaws or omissions of any details.
  • Natively support the conversion of text from emails and headers in Unicode standard. This means, it not only converts English (ASCII) text but also text from languages like Chinese and Japanese and other Asian languages that use double-byte characters, otherwise very demanding and tricky to convert across formats.
  • Carries out conversion without modifying the original structure, mainly the arrangement of folders. All the data is converted, but more than that, it remains in its original framework.
  • The speed of data conversion makes the task productive, which is one of the major concerns of many other third-party converters.

Free trial to transfer Apple Mail to Thunderbird

Here is the link to download the setup file instantly without going through any additional steps like signing up or filling up a form. Install and get started in no less than two minutes. If you have ever been troubled by the task of transferring Apple Mail to Thunderbird, here is your chance to change it once and for all. This is how savvy users and professionals get the precise results, while also not allowing other conventional programs to consume their time unnecessarily.

The product website:

Get ‘Mail Extractor Max‘ today to transfer Apple Mail to Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage, Outlook for Mac, MBOX (*.mbox file) as well as EML (*eml file).