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The success of every business depends on the handling of data. The way database is handled ensures how a company is going to fare in the long run. The tool which makes the most out of its database is going to have amazing success. Nowadays, to manage your database directly means to ensure safe conversion of them. Thunderbird mail database to PST conversion is a difficult task which needs a professional tool more than ever. Businesses should choose a tool safely. For this purpose, we suggest you use Mail Extractor Pro by USL software.

Thunderbird to PST Conversion

Thunderbird to PST Conversion 

Businesses can use this tool to ensure they have a smooth conversion of Thunderbird mail files to PST format. The tool performs better than expectation. It has the latest technology and amazing set of features which have never been seen before. The tool can perform bulk conversion easily. It can also make conversion of Thunderbird files safe. The tool has such amazing speed and smoothness that employees can easily convert Thunderbird mail files to PST without being trained in the process.


Mail Extractor Pro specifically helps companies in smooth conversion. The tool can be used to easily convert Thunderbird files as its interface is very friendly. The tool also fortifies the conversion process by keeping the folder arrangement preserved at all costs. Let’s see how it achieves that it detail:-


The simple yet beautiful interface of this tool makes it possible for every employee to convert Thunderbird mail files to PST format. The interface of this tool is very smooth and empowers practitioners to convert Thunderbird mail to PST format instantaneously.


The tool can easily convert every Thunderbird mail file to PST format without producing any error of any kind. It is impeccable in all forms of conversions processes that it undertakes. The tool can perform accurate conversions of texts, embedded images, nested mails and attachments.


The conversion of Thunderbird mail files to PST cannot be done very easily by many tools. On the other hand, this tool can migrate Thunderbird to Outlook PST format in bulk. Any size of Thunderbird mail database can be easily converted to PST format without the slightest waste of time.


The folder arrangement preservation is needed by companies to easily get back to their primary tasks. Employees can easily track their converted files and easily get back to primary tasks.

The best feature of this tool is that it has a free trial version of this tool. You can try the demo version of the tool to easily check the tool’s worth.

Thunderbird to PST

Download it right now to convert Thunderbird to PST. Mail Extractor Pro can also convert Apple Mail to PST, Postbox to PST and MBOX to Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 2011 for Mac and Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 for Windows.