Thunderbird to Office 365 Migration

Thunderbird migration to Office 365 – 3 things to consider

Thunderbird migration to Office 365 is a quite common concept and thereby a quick search would land any user into a plethora of options. However, more often than not these options would be third party tools that promise a lot but ultimately prove to be a buzz kill. While making a choice for a tool to achieve Thunderbird migration to Office 365, it is of utmost importance to have some basic knowledge of the related requirements.

Thunderbird migration to Office 365

The following set of guidelines regarding the pre-requisites for the converter tools would prove to be extensively helpful in selecting the appropriate one for getting through with Thunderbird migration to Office 365.

#1 Check for the safety aspect:

Thunderbird migration to Office 365 entails movement of personal data of the user through a tool that might or might not be entirely safe. It is imperative that a user be sure of the security aspect. While most of the tools would fail at this very step, Mail Extractor Pro could very well be the milestone for safety standards.

This tool comes from a very established background. USL software is the creator of this tool and, like always, utmost care has been taken by USL to address the security concerns. This tool can be trusted through and through.

Thunderbird Migration to Office 365

#2 Look out for the conversion capability:

Another significant trait to look out for in a Thunderbird to Outlook converter tool is its conversion capability. It is of course the deciding factor as almost every user desires a perfect result. Some common grievances with regards to the tools are impartial conversions, data modification, data damage, data corruption, and the like.

With Mail Extractor Pro however, all the concerns can be bidden adieu. This tool along with taking care of the common issues gives the users additional perks for using it for Thunderbird migration to Office 365. (Refer to the next segment for a quick review of the best features of Mail Extractor Pro.)

#3 Don’t be fooled on the costing front:

Before investing into any mbox to pst converter tool ensure that you would be gaining as much as you would be paying for. That must be the ground rule. Many tools out there claim different things that they never achieve. As opposed to the disappointment that is experienced with the use of ordinary tools, Mail Extractor Pro gives a mesmerizing experience to the users who try to convert Thunderbird Mail to Outlook Mac/Windows with it. In addition, the performance justifies the price too.

Quick reference menu for best features of Mail Extractor Pro!

Here are some of the best features of Mail Extractor Pro – a tool that provides best Thunderbird migration to Office 365.

  • Facilitates bulk conversions
  • Gives both manual-load and auto-load options
  • Gives comprehensive conversions
  • Preserves the intrinsic features like nested messages, HTML files, etc
  • Maintains the folder hierarchy structure
  • Converts non-English content with its special Unicode support
  • Log report for watching over the process
  • Entirely bug-free
  • Safe and fast
  • Comes with a free trial version