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What Qualities Should a Professional PST to EML Converter Carry?

The world has seen an influx of PST to EML Converter in recent years.

What is PST to EML Converter?

Since PST isn’t generic and is only operational in Windows Outlook program, as opposed to EML, which is a generic file compatible with many programs – many users find it important to convert their PST files into EML for backup reasons. And not just for backup, but also to migrate Outlook data into a client that doesn’t support PST but does support EML.

For this purpose, PST to EML Converters are used very commonly these days. However, few of them can convert data accurately and with efficiency. Let’s take a look at some of the features and qualities that such a tool should have, but most of them are remarkably missing all of them.

An Easy to Use PST to EML Converter

The first and foremost quality that any software program should have is PST to EML converter. A few years ago, from now, such a task was only confined to an IT department of a large corporation. But now, even a basic home user looks for PST to EML migration. And there are no tools with an easy and intuitive interface.

Accurate PST to EML migration

Any data migration tool should be able to convert every single information without leaving anything behind. Since PST and EML are files with huge dissimilarities between them, it becomes even more crucial for the converters to be built with intelligent logic and sufficiently accurate algorithms to convert the data with precision. Email data contains many complex forms of information – attachments, graphical objects, nested messages, Metadata and headers (to, from, cc, bcc, subject line). Any decent PST to EML converter should be able to detect these items and convert them accurately.

Quick PST to EML Converter

The speed of PST to EML converter is again a feature that every software program should have. Slow and sluggish applications be frustrating, but more importantly they can harm your productivity. For a user with large PST files, it becomes more important that the converter should be able to convert files with high speeds, or else, the user will be stuck to the project for hours.

Preserving Folder Hierarchy

Any good PST to EML converter should be able to convert files without making a mess of the folder hierarchy of the user. Now days, everyone arranges their emails within folders and sub-folders. While exporting the data, it is very common for the tools to lose this structure or hierarchy, making it a frustrating job for the users to manage their emails afterwards. Imagine all your ‘work emails mixed up with ‘Personal’ emails, or all ‘travel’ emails mixed up with your other folders. This feature is usually missing from PST to EML converters, and yet, it is one of the most important ones.

Converting non-English text

Any PST to EML converters should have the algorithms to detect and convert the text that’s not in English. Yet, very few of them do. Non-English languages, like Chinese, Korean, and Japanese are encoded with double-byte character sets. It is a challenging task to keep such text preserved while performing a rigorous data extraction that PST to EML conversion demands.

Some Minor but Equally Important Features

A good, professional PST to EML converters just doesn’t offer the simple data file extraction. The developers should know that the file conversion is only part of the users’ overall email migration objective. One has to import the files back to the client that they want the data to be exported. And in doing so, many necessary features are required, such as, ignoring empty folders, saving read and unread emails in separate folders, and so on. Without these features, the email migration will be inefficient, sloppy, and the output data will be hard to deal with.

Which PST to EML Converter has all These Features

Sadly, most of the PST to EML converters are missing either few or all of these features. Without them, the migration of data would be incredibly tacky and unprofessional.

Thankfully, there is one program that is built around these fundamentals of a good email migration tool. And yes, it is more than a file converter. Along with all the necessary features stated above, it gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility to convert data your way. You can save read/unread emails in separate folders, ignore empty folders, preview the folders hierarchy, supports non-English text, has an easy to use interface, is incredibly quick, and essentially carries everything else that would make your PST to EML migration errand a successful one.

It’s called “PST Extractor Pro.” Developed by USL Software, it is the only tool that is Mac based, and you do need a Mac compatible program to perform such migration efficiently.

pst to eml converter

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PST Extractor Pro would be the ultimate choice for converting Outlook to Mac Mail, import pst into Thunderbird, Entourage, Postbox, MBOX & EML file format.

If you are looking for PST to EML Converter for Mac, then try PST Extractor Pro.

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