Outlook to Apple Mail Import – PST file into Apple Mail / Mac Mail

Outlook to Apple Mail Import – How to move data across two platforms seamlessly

Outlook and Apple Mail are two widely recognized email clients for Windows and Mac, respectively. However, there is yet to come an efficient method to transfer the data from Outlook to Apple Mail.

If you wish to convert PST file to Apple Mail file, continue reading as you would discover the most convenient way to do so. This article discusses the best way of importing Outlook to Apple Mail, without compromising the safety of your PST files, without wasting much time, and without employing any high priced third party experts to do the task for you. The tool and the method mentioned below is simple that even a non-techie user can follow and convert his or her PST files to Live mail as efficiently as any technical professional would do.

What is PST file in Windows Outlook?

PST file (Personal Storage Table) is a file where Windows Outlook keeps all of your Outlook emails items: Such as Emails, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, notes and other items.

It can be used for various purposes. Users employ PST file mainly for transferring the data among different computers, converting PST to a different email client, etc.

In this particular case, we are using PST file to convert to Apple Mail supporting files.

So, now the question comes, how or with which’s assistance to convert PST files to Apple Mail. The process comes with many frustrating problems and setbacks.

Such as-

  • Data loss
  • Data integrity issues
  • Confusing interface
  • Lack of speed
  • instability
  • compatibility issues

…and many more.

Which tool to use to convert PST file to Apple Mail?

PST Extractor Pro is a very powerful, effective, and yet a simple tool that could convert PST or Outlook files to Apple Mail in no time at all. Most importantly, it is capable of bulk conversion. No matter how huge the number of PST file is, it still can perform quick and effective conversion. It is fully adept in dealing with big databases and do so without making user suffer with drag, crashes, slow speed, or any other such performance issues.

Second, it is a full and one-stop solution for all your PST conversion needs. It cannot only convert Outlook to Apple Mail but is fully skilled in the following email conversion.

  • Convert PST to MBOX file format
  • Convert PST to EML file format
  • Convert PST to RGE file format
  • Convert Outlook Addressbook to vCard
  • Convert Outlook to Apple Mail
  • Convert Outlook to Thunderbird
  • Convert Outlook to Entourage
  • Convert Outlook Calendar to Calendar

These are the most prominent features of PST Extractor Pro:-

  • Preservers Non-English Content
  • Complete vCard conversion
  • Convert Outlook Addressbook to vCard
  • Multiple Export/import in one go
  • Saving read and unread mails in separate folder

You can download the free trial version here – http://www.pstextractorpro.com/

It is only for a limited time but has no constraints on its features. You can test the software yourself using your own PST files. Check out how the features work under real conditions, and if it is built for your individual needs or not.

We are sure you would go for the full, paid version!

Outlook to Apple Mail import

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Get PST Extractor Pro to convert Outlook to Apple Mail import file.

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