Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail Converter for Flawless Email Migration

Looking to move emails from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail? You are going to need a professional Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail converter, and the best one that seals the deal is called “Olm Extractor Pro”.

Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail converterIt is a tool that has been created keeping the basic computers users in mind, who are not expert and wants to convert their data as easily as possible. The tool offers a user-friendly interface with exceptional features range, and a smart data conversion logic to make the experience as quick, accurate, and flawless as possible.

It also gives the most accurate and thorough conversion of data. Most tools in this area are generally too inaccurate, and can leave out certain information when converting from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail. But “Olm Extractor Pro” will pick up each and every single item of data information, be it as small as the subject line of an email, or a big image embedded within the body of en emails.

It has been developed to make the migration very precise, so you get the everything exactly same in Apple Mail as it was in Outlook 2011. Some of the examples of items it can preserve during the conversion are –

  • Folder Structure
  • Email attachments
  • Email details (to, cc, bcc, subject, from, time, and date)
  • Images embedded within an email body
  • Nested messages

Quick Conversion – Another huge benefit of using “Olm Extractor Pro” over other tools is that it performs the conversion with ultra fast speed, almost as quick as 1 GB in 10 minutes. It also depends on many other factors such as your computer performance, background programs, etc. but that’s the generall ballpark speed with which it is capable of performing the task.

Support for all languages – There are many languages that are encoded in a different way, and it gets increasingly hard for many tools to detect them and convert them from Olm format to Mbox format. “Olm Extractor Pro” does it impressively well. All the characters from any languages will be safely converted to mbox, and you won’t find any broken text.

Multiple file Conversion – Another huge plus point of this tool is that it lets you convert multiple Olm files into Mbox at the same time. Most tools only let you load one Olm file at at time, and that can waste a lot of time. “Olm Extractor Pro” has the ability to deal with multiple files with any size without any performance issues. You can choose to convert 10 Olm files of 10 GB into Mbox at the same time.

Also convert to Rge and Eml – It is not only an Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail converter. It is a full, one-in-all solution for your Outlook 2011 migration needs. That means, if you are looking to move the data form Outlook 2011 to Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage, or other such email clients, you can use it easily. This is because it offers many output formats to chose from, such as Mbox, Rge, Eml, etc. You choose the one depending on the email client you want to move to.

Contacts and Calendar – It also converts contacts and calendar data into Vcf and Ics file respectively.

Do not delay further. Click here to try it now.

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If you are looking for Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail Converter, then OLM Extractor Pro perfect for you.

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