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OST to Thunderbird Converter

OST to Thunderbird Converters are more of a necessity than a choice. You need a converter tool by your side if you want to access and extract the data stored in your OST file. But you need to be careful about the converter tool you are choosing.

Behind the scenes of OST to Thunderbird Conversion

Converting the data from your OST files to Thunderbird may sound very easy but has a lot going on behind the scenes. OST or Offline Storage Table is an alien file format to Thunderbird. To carry its data to your Thunderbird account, you need to convert it to a Thunderbird compatible format.

OST was designed specifically to deal with the internal workings of your Outlook account. Storing the downloaded data, manipulating it, resyncing it to the server and sending your emails saved in Outbox. These are some of the tasks that OST files excel at.

But data transfer is one of its weak points. Thus, when it comes to transferring the data OST files can prove to be a little rigid.

Lack of a direct way of transferring the data only increases the obstacles in your conversion process. Use of a third-party OST to Thunderbird Converter, is the preferred way of dealing with these problems.

The ideal OST to Thunderbird Converter

The ideal OST to Thunderbird Converter comprises of high speed, great accuracy and ease of usage. All these are the generic feature that everyone user wants in their email client. But finding this combination is surprisingly very difficult.

Since third-party converter tools are the only feasible way of the conversion process done, many companies tried to cash in this opportunity by pushing out incomplete products. This has made the market risky. If you choose the wrong converter tool, the tables can turn on you.

Fortunately, we have done the research for you. OST Extractor Pro is the best converter tool in the market. This gem of a tool is a complete solution from USL Software. It handles all the conversion problems easily and gives you a solution that can handle it all.

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The range of features that the tool provides include:

ost to thunderbird converter

The all in one and best ost conversion tool to convert your OST to Thunderbird, Postbox, Apple Mail, PST, MBOX, EML, ICS & VCF file formats.

Native Support for formats like Unicode:

The tool provides you support for all kinds of formats present in your input file. The conversion accuracy of this OST to Thunderbird Converter is a result of clear, precise and well worked algorithms. It converts all the data down to the last bit, plus additional support for tougher file formats.

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Easiest to use interface:

The interface of the tool definitely takes the cake. It provides you with a very simple, clean and unique interface. It only shows what is necessary for the conversion process and even provides additional support in the form of dialog boxes and informative wizards.

Bulk Conversion of Files:

The tool provides you with the option of Bulk Conversion of files. You can convert more than one file at a time with this OST to Thunderbird Converter. Thus, making the conversion process more efficient.

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Download it today to import OST file to Thunderbird.