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OST to PST Software Tool for Converting OST file Accurately

OST to PST Software Tool for Converting the Files Without Losing the Fidelity of Your Database. Here is the tool, you are searching for.

What are OST & PST?

OST and PST are both Windows Outlook data files to store emails. But they are both difference in their inner framework and their purposes. Failing to see the difference could lead to inaccessible OST files with important emails stuck in them.

Here are some common cases where the OST files are isolated from the original email account and can render useless:

  • You deleted the original email account with which OST files associate with.
  • Interrupted sync process leading to corruption
  • Corruption due to viruses

The most common scenario is when a user is switching the organization and to keep the personal data, they keep OST files with them. This is not a useful way to backup the data as without the original email account, the OST files are useless. You can’t import them to Outlook like you can do with PST. OST file serves the purpose of using the data offline and syncing any changes made to the servers of the email account when the internet is back, but it can be used manually.

OST to PST Software Conversion

This is where OST to PST conversion comes in the picture. And to actually do that, the converter has to have advanced and precise processing algorithms that do not miss any important item or information from the files.

While using generic OST to PST software applications, you could face the following issues:

  • Loss of folder hierarchy or structure.
  • Chances to loss of any text other than ASCII like DBCS, UTF-8, or other non-English characters
  • Loss of MIME defined content, mainly non-text attachments (like .exe files and other media files)
  • Loss of graphical objects like photos, icons, etc.
  • Also loss of Text formatting
  • Loss of time because most ordinary conversion tools can take overwhelmingly long to convert large OST files to PST
  • And many more.

OST to PST Software Application

To make sure you don’t face similar issues, choose your OST to PST converter software tool carefully. There are only few tools that have the dedicated features to make this task seamless and professional. One of the best that is often recommended by experts is called “OST Extractor Pro” offered by a leading company in the email migration domain, USL Software.

ost to pst software


USL Software have brought many successful email migration tools and “OST Extractor Pro” is another one of their software applications that does exactly what a user wishes for such tools to do. It performs the conversion cleanly without the loss of data items listed above.

The best part of “OST Extractor Pro” lies in the following features:

  • The algorithms used to detect, extract, and reconstruct the complex items are advanced and dedicated, so you will get perfectly accurate data without any integrity issues. It is able to convert all the above listed items (like images, folder hierarchy, non-English text, etc.) correctly.
  • It allows batch conversion of OST files. You can load multiple OST files and have them converted to PST files in one go.
  • You can also convert OST files in other formats like that for Mac Mail, Thunderbird, and even in MBOX and EML files.
  • The tool supports Unicode text conversion completely.
  • The 24 x 7 tech support lends a helping hand whenever you required assistance.
  • The intuitive UI makes the job much easier than what the generic tools for OST to PST conversion have you believed. The minimal graphical based interface makes the job straightforward. Just follow the instructions and the wizard and you will never have to make any effort in converting the files.

ost to pst software conversion


Try this OST to PST Software

OST Extractor Pro” is the only OST to PST software conversion tool that has eliminated most of the problems that is associated with the task. Now you don’t have to worry about having inaccessible OST files that you cannot import to Outlook.

And the benefit of converting OST to PST is that you can import the PST files in both Mac and Windows Outlook.

Download the free trial version now. It can convert ten items from each folder, which is more than enough to let you see the tool in action and check out all the features it offers.

Try now at https://www.ostextractorpro.com/.

This OST to PST Software helps you to convert the OST data accurately with no data loss.