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OST to MBOX Converter – A Tool Functioning at Full Capacity!

Need of OST to MBOX Conversion

MBOX is a file used by many clients. So, when you have an Outlook OST file that you want to import to other clients, the choice to convert it to MBOX is a wise one. OST, on the contrary, is not a personal data file and is not even importable in Outlook manually.

For this conversion, you would need a functioning OST to MBOX converter that holds powerful algorithms and also a basic interface to use it smoothly without many issues.

The Challenges

Sadly that is not the state of email migration category tools. Many do not contain the necessary traits to retain complex information and can end up with broken data. This data loss is always a thing to worry about when using a generic OST to MBOX converter.

Another bad news with common converter tools is their poor layout design on the UI. They are cluttered and doing a basic conversion task can take too long and can be tiring. Even the top Professionals with experience find it a struggle.

The OST to MBOX Converter

OST Extractor Pro” proves to be the other end of this spectrum.

ost to mbox

Powerful Algo & UI

It is brimming with useful features, powerful algorithms, and all integrate under a basic and friendly UI. This will make your task of converting OST to MBOX files amazingly quick and efficient, without losing data details and integrity.

Preserve Every Bit of Data

The tool is know for offering dedicated mechanism to handle some uniquely interlaced contents, such as headers, Unicode headers, MIME headers, links, email addresses, nested emails, graphical data, and so on. Each of these items have their particular means of processing that payoffs tremendously well in terms of precision. Nothing is ever missed or omitted and there are never any aberration in your emails.

This is a big deal for business users, even home users, but in a business environment, even a kb sized file could potentially be a vital information. You wouldn’t want to see it lost or converted partially.

ost to mbox converter

Fast and Best Performance

OST Extractor Pro also does not let go of the performance, stability, and speed. With such rigorous system for extracting information, you might assume that it runs slow. But that is not the case. Even with its multilayered and far-reaching calculations, you get quick conversion results, no matter how big the files. This is a very important factor in determining how the tool will deal with your goals and needs, because if it runs too painfully slow, then what is the point of using a software in the first place, and yet, many tools do not carry any system to speed up the process.

Super Ease of Use

OST Extractor Pro is a tool that has everything for everyone, and that does not come by easily in OST to MBOX converter. It features a friendly UI but advanced options for power-end users. It also comes with a tech support so whatever issue you might have for your particular database, you can get instant help.

OST to MBOX Converter Free Trial

Grab a free setup file today and check it out.

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It is a fully-functioning application that is not a simple file converter, as other email migration tools are, but a complete solution to help you migrate data successfully.

Get it today to import OST to Outlook, Apple Mail, Postbox, Windows Live Mail as well as OST file to Thunderbird Mac & Win.