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This USL Tool is Simply the Best OLM to Thunderbird Converter – Here are five Reasons why!

OLM to Thunderbird Converter by USL

OLM to Thunderbird conversion can be tricky. For one thing, Thunderbird has not yet had the extension to import Mac Outlook data files (OLM) directly. This is because it is very challenging in software programming sense because the files of Mac Outlook don’t fit properly with the framework Thunderbird uses. And, Mac Outlook also cannot archive emails to the files that Thunderbird can recognize. This makes the whole migration of data tricky.

Since, it is quite hard to let the Thunderbird import OLM files directly, many third-parties created a commercial tool to convert OLM to any format that Thunderbird can recognized. But that too was also never got successful. But the reason this time wasn’t the technical challenge, but the lack of any professional developers going into this.

But that is now changed with the introduction of USL Software into the mix.

The Best OLM to Thunderbird Converter

USL Software is a company that has long been into there sphere of email migration. Their extended list of tools and utilities have helped everyday users and corporations move millions of emails worldwide. This time they have come up with the much-needed solution for OLM to Thunderbird conversion.

The utility or the OLM to Thunderbird converter, is officially called ‘OLM Extractor Pro.’

olm to thunderbird converter

NOTE – USL Software developed this with the objective of helping users convert Mac Outlook data to any other format used in Mac OS X, such as RGE, EML, MBOX, Entourage, Apple Mail, or Postbox. Thunderbird is just one of the output formats that is available as an output for the end users.

There are certain cutting-edge functionalities in ‘OLM Extractor Pro’ that has changed the landscape of this migration job forever. The team at USL managed to triumph over the usual complications of the job. Such as: now you can convert multiple OLM files to Thunderbird in one attempt using its impressive batch-algorithms that allow users to do the bulk operations.

Similar to that, there are plenty of new and exciting functions that will give you a relief of an otherwise hard-pressed situation.

You no longer have to worry about the Unicode text (in other non-English languages). It’s always been a challenge for developers to make a tool that can support all the characters that are outside the ASCII standard. ‘OLM Extractor Pro’ was built keeping this very annoying limitation in mind, and in doing so, USL Software overcome the limitation successfully.

The tool also supports DBCS standards (double-byte character set), which includes languages like Chinese and Korean.

Dozens of new functions have been added to make it a complete email migration utility. You can merge contacts to a VCF file per folder, merge calendar entries to a ICS file per folder, or split large MBOX files. Moreover, there is a full folder preview, and you can select or de-select them.

Go ahead and download the free trial version here. This free mode works for ten items per folder, without disabling any other premium or paid feature. So, you get the full chance to try it out. It is also not time limited.

Read More: http://www.uslsoftware.com/import-olm-to-thunderbird/

Try OLM Extractor Pro (OLM to Thunderbird Converter) to import olm to Mac Mail / Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Entourage 2004/2008, MBOX & EML file format.

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