move from outlook 2011 to mac mail

Moving from Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail – Broken Down to Simple Steps by USL Software

Moving from Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail

Email migration has always been a riddle for software developers. Email clients like Outlook and Apple Mail are very efficient and productive for managing with large inflow of emails every day. But as soon as the task of transferring those emails across is clients is involved, it becomes a dreary and tedious task.

Email migration used to be a very rare task. But today, with a lot of freedom and choices available to a general user, we collectively involve with email migration on a daily basis. And it’s unfortunate that few email clients, few major ones, don’t have a common and generic data file to make the migration easy.

Moving Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail is one of the most complicated jobs you could get involved with. There is some sort of answers offered officially, but they are all ineffective, at least not as effective as the clients themselves.

One of the manual solutions is to drag the folders from Outlook 2011 to Mac Desktop and that turns the files into MBOX. You can later import these files into Mac Mail.

Methods like these are only applicable to one or two folders and doesn’t apply to large databases. All other techniques that you may find on internet are not fit for general users.

There are few major reasons why email migration involving Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail export isn’t exactly a pleasurable task, even for experts:

  • The data files (OLM for Outlook 2011 and MBOX for Apple Mail) are different in all facets of their structure. The data tables are complex and very dissimilar. Every major email component is formatted and stored differently. This makes the extraction of data from OLM to MBOX very difficult.
  • Email clients no longer contain only text based emails. They are extensive tools to deal with large and complex data forms. In fact, most clients are now called information managers because of their ability to extend their usability from emails to other forms of data. This complexity turns the email migration into an elaborate process that many users have no idea how to deal with.
  • Lack of proper official support also confuses and disappoints many users and make email migration even more trickier than what’s expected. Users have to rely upon unofficial tools to move from Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail, and most of those tools aren’t reliable.
  • This brings us to major issue causing frustration today. The third-party unofficial tools are built by unknown sources. They lack any adequate programming to offer to users a proper way to export their emails. If one of the aspect of a tool is fine by the industry standards, the other aspects would render them impractical. It’s a rarity to find a complete, one-in-all tool that’s not dependent on any other outside help, add-ons, or expert’s assistance.

It’s not a surprise then that the task of moving mail from Mac Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail is often met with failure and frustration.

Today, we have a special recommendation for you that is going to be a pleasant surprise because of the current state of email migration.

Tool to Move from Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail

It’s a tool that’s officially called “OLM Extractor Pro,” brought to you by USL Software. USL Software is pretty well established and has earned their reputation for offering quality solutions to home users and companies, especially in email migration arena.

moving from outlook 2011 to mac mail

They finally unriddled the perfect dedicated algorithms to capture the data from OLM file and convert it all into a very dissimilar MBOX files in a unified manner. The tool also gives a basic and friendly GUI to not get confused during the transition even if you have no previous experience.

The primary conversion engine is powerful and accurate so as not to miss any element. It can convert even the tiniest component from OLM files into MBOX, such as: the metadata including To, From, Cc, Bcc, Subject Line, timestamps, and date. It also supports the conversion of non-English text fully.

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Download it to Move from Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail

You can try it here. The free trial version allows converting 10 items per folder while moving from Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail.

Get it here:

move from outlook 2011 to mac mail

Give it a go. You will not find anything missing from “OLM Extractor Pro.” All the previous issues usually coming up during email migration has been solved.

For moving from Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail, try ‘OLM Extractor Pro’ today.

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