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Migrate Thunderbird to Outlook – None of the Problematic Issues – Just Simple, Quick, and Safe Approach!

Migrate Thunderbird to Outlook

Email client like Thunderbird and Windows Outlook have changed how users deal with emails. But there’s still one common concern among them – if they have to switch to a different client, what happens to all the data stored previously?

Today, we are going to take one such situation and find out how you handle it like a pro?

Let’s consider this situation, and most likely, you are in one right now:

You have used Thunderbird in Mac for many years likely. But your email provider, either free public ones like Gmail or your own corporate provider, doesn’t let you store a lot of data on servers. For instance, Gmail allows only 15GB.

So, when your server’s space is overflowing, you archived your older emails and data to local Thunderbird database. This way, you can still access them whenever you want from your computer, even though, you cannot access them from webmail or from somewhere else.

And now comes the time when you have to switch to Windows Outlook. Whatever the reason for changing it up, you are unsure of all that local data. The emails stored on servers can easily be synced to Windows Outlook using IMAP, so that’s not a concern. Years of emails, contacts, and calendar entries like important events, daily reminders, etc. are now all inside Thunderbird and you sure can’t find a way to get them to Windows Outlook.

Is that the situation you are in?

Based on you are reading this post right now, it’s likely that you are. Or maybe, you use both Mac and Windows at the same time, and you need some of your folders from Thunderbird to Outlook.

In either situation, you need to go through email migration process. Which, sadly, is a huge problem, even for IT professionals. The larger the database in Thunderbird, bigger the problem is.

You perhaps thought of creating a new dummy email account in Gmail, syncing everything up to 15GB on that account. Now, using that account in Windows Outlook, you can sync that back to the client. Sure, it’s a way forward, but if you have no experience dealing with such manual approach, you are going to be lost quickly. It not only takes a lot of time, it also ends with data fragmentation.

So, what can you do? What’s the best way to migrate Thunderbird to Outlook without losing time, without fragmenting data, without damaging the integrity, and without losing your mind over it?

Effective Way to Migrate Thunderbird to Outlook

Thankfully, there are few third-party tools that are available online that has a way of tackling the situation. If you are thinking about Thunderbird add-ons, you are going the wrong way. Those add-ons are built only for Thunderbird and operations including Thunderbird only. As soon as another email client (in another operating system) is involved, they often provide no value.

So, these third-party tools are actually data converters that can convert the files to Windows Outlook compatible files called PST. You can easily import PST to Windows Outlook and viola, you’ve got your data migrated.

But the sad part is, most of these tools are not efficient. They can even make things worse. And then comes, “Mail Extractor Pro”! It is what you need to let go of any worries you may have regarding the job.

migrate thunderbird to outlook

To summarize the best qualities of “Mail Extractor Pro”:

  • It’s easy to use because of friendly GUI
  • It allows automatically loading of Thunderbird so you don’t have to manually look for data files
  • It allows features like splitting large PST files and so on.
  • The tool features sharp converting algorithms that convert everything cleanly, leaving no damage to data integrity
  • The tool convert metadata, headers, images, attachments, non-English text, contacts, calendar, all email fields (like To, From, Cc, Bcc, etc.), and anything else that Thunderbird database contains.

Mail Extractor Pro is designed to convert Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird (Both Mac & Windows), Postbox (both Mac & Windows) and all *.mbox files to PST file for Mac Outlook 2016 / 2011 and Windows Outlook 2013 / 2016 / 2010 etc.

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If you would like to try it now, you can download the free trial version that converts ten items per folder. Download the setup here to migrate Thunderbird to Outlook.

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