migrate mbox to pst

Migrate MBOX to PST : Converting Apple Mail , MBOX to Outlook PST

Mac OS Compatible “Mail Extractor Pro” Helps Migrate MBOX to PST without the Usual Pitfalls of Email Migration.

Migrate MBOX to PST for MS Outlook

Here’s the best approach for migrating MBOX to PST (Mac Mail to Outlook). If you are wondering how to move emails from Mac Mail to Windows Outlook, the following passages will answer that for you. Forget all the manual techniques, Windows based inefficient tools, or any other method that you know.

Before I proceed, I want to talk a bit about the basic of email migration itself.

Migrate MBOX to PST – What is it all about?

What is email migration, specifically MBOX to PST migration, all about? In this short section, we answer these following questions.

Today, changing services is a common happening. This also includes changing your email client. Sometimes, it is out of necessity or just a side-effect (like changing your computer’s operating system itself). Other times, it arises out of perfectly calculated decisions (like looking for better emailing platform).

Migrating MBOX to PST is an intermediary step in one such email migration tasks – from Apple Mail to Windows Outlook; where MBOX and PST are two data files used by these clients, respectively. This file conversion is necessary because you cannot directly import MBOX files to Windows Outlook.

To do that, you need a third-party tool. There are no in-built features or any official support, neither from Apple nor from Microsoft.

We talk about one of the best MBOX to PST converters below, which will prove itself to be much more than just that.

‘Mail Extractor Pro’ – An Embodiment of Ideal Features and Perfect GUI

USL Software is known for offering the best email migration solutions, and ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ is one of their offerings that has come out in recent years to change the established notions of MBOX to PST migration.

It’s a tool that lets you move your data with utmost precision and ease of use. It took a lot of efforts to make the tool easy to use and advanced at the same time. So, it can be brought into use by both advanced and basic users, for both large-scale and small-scale migration projects. The graphical interface and the entire landscape of features make the job highly efficient.

There is yet one more peculiarity about ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ that raises the bar to extraordinary heights.

migrate mbox to pst

Convert Mac “Mail” directly to PST Files

When you launch the tool, you will be given two input options for converting your data. The ‘Custom’ option lets you load MBOX files (In bulk) from any location. But there is one more option that is recommended by experts for sharper and cleaner data export than the traditional MBOX to PST conversion.

That option is called ‘Auto-load.’ Upon selecting that, the tool automatically get your emails ready for conversion. It scans your computer and picks up the “Mail” folder, which is the identity folder of Apple Mail storing all your data.

This form of direct design brings out the best of any MBOX to PST migration task. You will not be focusing on any long, tedious manual steps that you’d normally do traditionally. It also helps to get rid of any loss of elements from original database that is otherwise tricky in conventional MBOX to PST conversion.

Looking to try it for free?

Migration MBOX to PST for free in the Trial Mode!

Click Here to download and get your own free trial copy of ‘Mail Extractor Pro.’ You can check out the features for as long as you want. See how the features work and how easy it is to use through the intuitive UI. It will work for converting ten items from each folder, after which you can easily register for the full paid license.

MBOX to PST Migration

Try Mail Extractor Pro to migrate mbox to pst / Apple Mail to PST file format.

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