Mac Mail EMLX to PST

The one and only Mac Mail EMLX to PST converter that provides precise results!

Importing Mac Mail EMLX to Outlook comes easy when you have an amazing Mac Mail EMLX to PST converter. Through this article, you will be made aware of the important aspects of an email converter and also of the details about the best Mac Mail EMLX to PST converter-Mail Extractor Pro.

Mac Mail EMLX to PST Converter

A mail conversion tool is usable only if it can provide you with appropriate conversions. Most of the tools lack this trait and obviously become not so desirable. But Mail Extractor Pro is different.

Mail Extractor Pro is a unique tool that makes importing EMLX to Outlook a fun job. Not only it eases off the process for the users, but also gives astonishing results. The final converted files are such perfect replicas that one can not differentiate the Mac mails from the converted PST mails. This is just one reason of its likeability. Let’s tread through the garden of its mindbogglingly features.

mac mail emlx to pst converter

Opt for Mail Extractor Pro as your ‘Mac Mail EMLX to PST conversion’ solution

When choosing a product, there are certain common checkpoints that need to be ticked off. In this digital world, the first and foremost amongst these is the user reviews. Mail Extractor Pro is the only conversion tool that gets a consistent 5star rating from its users.

Another reason to opt for this tool is that there are features that wouldn’t be available that easy with the other tools. Beginning with time-saving options like bulk-conversions and auto-load options, there are also some unique features like preservation of folder-hierarchy, attachments, and all the components of an email. Conversion of non-English texts and splitting of PST files are some features unique to this Mac Mail EMLX to PST converter. The list goes on to include precise and super-fast conversions. Isn’t it becoming more enticing to try this tool? Get the trial version here.

EMLX to PST Converter

Learn ‘how to import Mac Mail EMLX into Outlook’ using Mail Extractor Pro

Using Mail Extractor Pro is extremely simple. The user-friendly interface facilitates the understanding of the flow of the process. There isn’t much involvement of the user as this Mac Mail EMLX to PST converter is designed to work independently.

A self-guided tool application means that you don’t have to get into the tedious job of extracting the mail. The process directly begins with the upload of data and you can make use of an all so easy auto-load option, which automatically picks the data from the default directories. At the next stage, you would be able to sort the data and eliminate any unwanted files too.

Further, with this Mac Mail EMLX to PST converter, you can even set the PST file size as per your needs. It is although advisable to keep it upto 15GB only. Next, you can choose where to save the resultant files and then give a green signal to the conversion process.

The overall progress can be watched over through the log-report. And once it reaches the 100% mark, you would be able to export Mac Mail into Outlook. This is how Mail Extractor Pro makes the entire process uncomplicated for the users and thereby the whole Mac Mail EMLX to PST conversion experience is exactly as easy and quick as it sounds.