Import Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail and preserve your data integrity completely

Importing Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail is hard; however, it has become slightly easier since the emergence of many impressive email migration tools.

Now, you could simply locate your OLM files (Files for Outlook Mac) and the tools would convert it into Apple Mail supporting files automatically. This has certainly helped ease the nerves of many users who were intimidated by the complexity of manual conversion.

Although, the interface of most of these tools are not high standard, but with a little attention and study, one could at least understand them and start importing Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail.

Even the safety is not what it should be; but some tools that reduce the risk of accidental file loss during the conversion have given some relief. It is not what we should expect in today’s high tech world, but it is satisfactory for many users (Perhaps not by big corporations for whom every file is important).

However, the area where most of Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail converter fail – and fail miserably – is the quality of keeping the data integrity preserved. It is different from the data loss, where ‘data loss’ means the complete accidental of the overall file or files. Whereas, data integrity is the anomalies one find in the final converted data compared to the original.

This has been a frustrating issue for users and developers. If you have ever imported Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail, you clearly know the problem we are discussing here.

For those first timers, who do not quite clearly understand, here is what you would commonly observe with your final converted Apple Mail files. Issues observed most commonly with date integrity are-

  • Broken images inside email body
  • Original Folder hierarchy disturbed – that means you would find the order of your folders and subfolders messed up
  • Corrupted Non-English (Unicode) content – most ordinary tools fail to detect, convert, or preserve Unicode content, because it is tricky
  • Contact photos deleted – if you keep the photos of your contacts in your files, you would find those photos deleted or broken.
  • Loss of attachments
  • Loss of SMTP headers, also called Metadata, which contains information such as Cc, Bcc, Subject, to, from, and time and date stamps of the emails.

Simply stating, emails and other items in Outlook 2011, stored in OLM files, contain many types of information or data that is associated with the items. For an conventional (inefficient) tool, it is hard to detect the data thoroughly, and if they could, it is almost impossible to convert that data from OLM to Apple Mail files. This is because both Outlook 2011 and Apple Mail works differently. An attachment saved with Outlook 2011 is in a different way than in Apple Mail and the conventional migration tools cannot successfully exchange the information; thus, the loss of attachments is the result.

OLM Extractor Pro – the Solution

However, there is one tool in our experience that has finally resolved the data integrity issues. Now you could import Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail without losing your data integrity.

The tool is called OLM Extractor Pro and it cannot only convert OLM to Apple Mail, but also can convert OLM files to many other popular email file formats.Import Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail

It can convert OLM file, Outlook 2011 database file, to Apple Mail, Entourage, Thunderbird, Postbox, Mbox and EML file format safely and quickly. The impressive technology used for Outlook 2011 migration will make the otherwise tedious task effortless and the overall process will flow smoothly.

If you are unsure about its quality, you can go with our free demo version and try it in the real world. This free trial version gives you the privilege to convert 10 OLM files to Apple Mail or EML from each folder without paying a dime.

The software comes in various packages. These packages are for different needs and budget ranges. You can choose what you think is best for you.

Download Free trial at

Purchase it today and start converting OLM to Apple Mail and other email format efficiently without any delay.

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