importing ost file into thunderbird

Import OST File into Thunderbird – How Smart Users Approach It!

OST file works great with the Outlook. But its function is automatic and internal. There is no way you can retrieve it from the database and use it manually for anything like data import, backup, and so on.

However, there are times when you have nothing but OST files. And in those times, if you need to import it to some other client, you are going to face problems. Since the Outlook file that you cannot use in Outlook itself, it is going to be extra hard to use it with client like Thunderbird in Mac.

Import OST file into Thunderbird

This is what we are going to be discussing here: importing OST file into Thunderbird.

There are few methods you can adopt but the most commonly used and effective one is converting the file into Thunderbird compatible format. That too is possible in many ways using third-party converters, but there is only one that experienced tech savvy users often go for and feverishly recommend to others.


Because the other tools fail to maintain the integrity of your data, like the structure, arrangement of folders, metadata, and other finer details. Such loss of fidelity is one of the many problems associated with OST file to Thunderbird migration but is the most concerning.

import ost file into Thunderbird

Experts’ Choice: “OST Extractor Pro”

USL Software has been at the forefront of email migration solutions. For years, their software solutions have eased the process of migrating complex and rich email contents across clients and files. This time, it is the same for OST file migration.

The tool is called “OST Extractor Pro” and is the first choice of experts for any type of OST file conversion. It can convert your OST file to any of the popular formats used by email software today, like MBOX, EML, PST, Postbox, Apple Mail, and even Thunderbird.

What Makes it the Leading OST Converter?

There are few acceptable OST to Thunderbird converter, but all of them lack one or more critical aspects that can impact the migration negatively. But, “OST Extractor Pro” is built exceptionally well by the team at USL Software, making it the single OST file converter that has no loose ends.

It would be a very lengthy post discussing all of its qualities and features. Therefore, let us focus on the most crucial one: precision and unbroken data superiority of output files.

Your OST files have many pieces that are vital for the whole database. Missing a single text character could be devastating. Losing a single graphic from an email might mean losing an important client’s contact details. Every byte of information in these files, especially in today’s emails-dominating world, could potentially be central to your work.

No one wants that. And USL Software knows that, which is the reason “OST Extractor Pro” is equipped with mechanisms that hold the integrity of your files in place. The output (Thunderbird files) are highly precise, without a single missing image, text, attachment, header, or other details.

These algorithms to process the contents are layered and sophisticated, allowing the files to stray true to the original.

Get it to import OST file into Thunderbird

“OST Extractor Pro” comes in Windows and Mac version. There are several licensing packages to suit varying needs of individuals and companies. Pick the suitable one for your needs. Alternatively, if you need some assurance before you give away your hard-earned money, you can use the free trial version and put the tool to the test and then decide.

ost to thunderbird

If you want to open OST file in Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail, then OST Extractor Pro today.