Discover How You Can Instantly Import OLM to Thunderbird Using the Expert’s Sanctioned Tool

Outlook for Mac (OLM file)

OLM files are the data files of Outlook for Mac. Many users don’t get enough server space to keep their emails on the server. So, they need to locally store those emails to an OLM archived file format. Or, when users leave a company, they can archive the emails to an OLM file to take it with them.

This works out quite wonderfully with their Mac computers and Mac Outlook as their email client. They can at any time import those files to their personal Mac computers and get an instant access to that data, which were previously on servers.

However, storing data locally in OLM files can also create a situation when you need to share them with others with Thunderbird (or email clients other than Mac Outlook). OLM files cannot be ready or imported to any other application, either on Mac or Windows.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a great email client for all platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux. It has so many extensions that the functionality is not limited at the time of its original launch. You can install a third-party plugin to support functions like importing MBOX files. However, there is no plugin or in-built support for importing OLM files. Nor can it be ever created because of the proprietary nature of OLM files, licensed by Microsoft itself.

Import OLM to Thunderbird Mac & Windows

There are third party developers that can however lend their development expertise to offer software applications as an alternative solution. So, if you can’t directly import OLM to Thunderbird, no need to fret. You can convert OLM to Thunderbird supported files using these outside converters.

But choosing the one that fits all needs, and is easy to use, and is safe, is not a smooth sail. You can choose an unreliable tool, and make a mess of your data, if not worse – data theft.

Tool to import OLM to Thunderbird

Today, we have a recommendation for you that works wonderfully on Mac without any issues. This tool revealed below is the first choice of IT experts according to the various surveys.

Called ‘OLM Extractor Pro,’ the tool features excellent abilities to convert data safely, quickly, and precisely. USL Software is the one that developed it. This makes it even more reliable since USL is a well-established software company in this circle.

You won’t find any problems with ‘OLM Extractor Pro’ that usually plagues the migration projects. It has an intuitive graphical interface. It makes even the beginners entirely qualified to take on an otherwise complex job that is normally preserved only for IT experts.

Moreover, there are features like – batch conversion for multiple OLM files, many output file formats available (not just Thunderbird), option to save read/unread emails in different folders, merging contacts and calendar items to a single VCF and ICS file per folder respectively, and so on.

USL Software has always offered a 24×7 support that makes the entirety of job easy even further. Though, the intuitive GUI and the straightforward wizard would make it highly unlikely that you’d ever need any outside help. However, having your back all the time can make you comfortable at what you are doing, even if you got no idea about what you are doing.

Get it to import OLM to Thunderbird

So, download the setup today and start converting your olm files. ‘OLM Extractor Pro’ marks the first time in history when importing OLM to Thunderbird (or any other format for that matter) won’t be a nightmare anymore.

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Try OLM Extractor Pro to import olm to Thunderbird for Mac & Windows.

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