How to Convert MBOX to PST Free

How to convert MBOX to PST free, what are the problems you can face. And if it’s the best way forward or not, and many more questions answered about a usually problematic email migration task.

How to Convert MBOX to PST Free?

So, you have got an MBOX file – doesn’t matter from where – and you don’t know where you can import it to access the data inside the file. Because you an Outlook user, which is a client that cannot read MBOX files.

There are many MBOX file viewer that can open it and let you see the content. But that only makes sense when you have a single file with a single item inside it. Since you are here looking for ways to convert MBOX to PST free, you probably have a larger MBOX file with quite a lot number of emails and items inside that file. In that case, opening it through an application isn’t what you need. You need to import the data permanently into Outlook.

Sadly, there’s no way to import MBOX file into Outlook, neither Windows nor Mac version. What you need is a way to get the data extracted into new PST files. This is natively supported in Outlook, including Mac version.

How to convert MBOX to PST free is a commonly asked question. Because of the large user base of Outlook as a client and also because of the generic nature of MBOX file. It’s then a surprising fact that there aren’t enough ways to convert MBOX to PST free, especially in a smart and organized way.

Convert MBOX to PST Free Method

One way to get the data moved from MBOX into Outlook is by using another email client supporting MBOX file format like Thunderbird as an intermediary. Then you import MBOX file into Thunderbird and sync the data to a dummy email account server, followed by adding the same email account in Outlook and syncing the data back from servers into Outlook database.

Clearly, it’s the worst way to do this. The number of steps involved in the method above is so huge that you will end exhausting yourself. And that’s not even worse. What happens in overly complicated methods is that you will get a lot of data elements missing or not converted with minute details, also called data integrity errors.

Professional Method

That’s when you need a professional MBOX to PST converter that is capable of sweeping the entire database inside the files without losing any byte of information. But most free converters don’t have that power and clarity in their conversion algorithms. Which shouldn’t be surprising, since they are free. They can also contain a lot of ads, malware, and other unwanted programs attached to them. As the saying goes, there’s no free lunch and thus, free methods of converting MBOX to PST files make the matters more complicated and tricky.

What most experts suggest is using a tool or a professional utility that is built with sophisticated algorithms allowing you to convert data without data integrity errors. Such tools ensure that every thing is picked and extracted from MBOX to PST that the output doesn’t reflect any compromise to the fidelity of the information in them. And almost by definition, such precise conversion utility isn’t common.

That doesn’t mean there are none.

The good news is that USL Software has developed a Mac based utility specifically for this purpose. But it’s not just another file converter; it’s a complete package filled with excellent features, intuitive UI, support, and other options for control.

You can get it here (free trial version) and check it out yourself. It goes by the name of “Mail Extractor Pro”. It is free of all problems that I stated above.

How to Convert MBOX to PST Free

And that is the best way to convert MBOX to PST. If you still want to go with free solutions and are able to afford loss of certain data elements, you can choose any arbitrary free tool or go with the manual solution mentioned above. But you should be wary of them as there are dozens of reasons to avoid them altogether.

How to Convert MBOX to PST free With Trial Version

Mail Extractor Pro” has a simple way to get this job done: just select the MBOX files, load them up and choose the folders you want to convert. Then check the other available options and set them according to your preferences, and click “convert”. And that’s it!

convert mbox to pst free

The free trial version works on ten items per folder but doesn’t lock out any other feature.

Finally, there’s also a support that’s available all around the clock. They will answer any of your queries or help you regarding your actual conversion through whatever means necessary. You cannot overstate the value of a good support staff when it comes to advanced and complicated tasks like MBOX to PST conversion.