software to convert ost to pst

Free Software to Convert OST to PST – Efficient and Easy!

Try Free Software to Convert OST to PST

OST and PST files are storage table files, used by Outlook in Windows OS to store emails and other items and to access data.

But the difference between both files is Offline and Personal (O and P). OST file is short for Offline storage table and PST is short for Personal Storage Table. This means that OST serves the purpose of working with data even offline and is synced with the web email servers when the internet is connected. But PST is more for personal data use, like archiving, backup, migration, import/export, etc. That’s the reason why OST is often called the internal file of Outlook and why it is not fit for personal use for modifying data and its locations.

Some users under false assumption that OST is also a personal data file end up with inaccessible data files. OST works only when connected or linked with the original email account. If you delete the email account, or move OST files to other location, the files lose their purpose and are rendered inaccessible.

Another important difference between both files is that OST only stores emails. All your contacts, calendar entries, and other items are stored in PST files.

That’s when the only option remaining is to convert them to PST. By converting OST to PST, you can import or restore the data back to Outlook by simply importing PST, which you can’t do with OST.

Converting OST to PST in Mac & Windows

So, most likely case is that you are here looking for a free software to convert OST to PST.

I think it should be established first that these files are multifaceted and contain an intricate set of data and information. To extract that data, a free software to convert OST to PST requires much more advanced and modern algorithms than you’d normally expect from these tools. And sadly, only few tools have come forward with precise logic dedicated for precise conversion.

And among those working converters, many have other drawbacks and limitations, like poor interfaces, no support for non-English characters, no tech support for beginners, and so on.

Needless to say that converting OST to PST is as hard a process/task as it can get.

Considering all that, an easy to use converter, backed up by experts’ support 24×7, is equipped with useful additional options, and advanced algorithms for data processing sounds too far-fetched.

But thankfully, it is not. There exists a free software to convert OST to PST by USL Software that meets all those requirements and expectations. You can download it using the link given below and check it out how it works personally.

Download free software to convert ost to pst

The tool is called “OST Extractor Pro.” It is built with careful attention to details that makes this otherwise tedious process easy and quick. And as a whole, it’s best feature is to convert all data elements from OST to PST files while preserving the data integrity and fidelity. All information is implemented between the files without modification or fragmentation. Such as images, metadata, attachments, non-English text, headers, nested emails, folder hierarchy, etc.

Here’s the link ( to download the setup.

If you are looking for OST to PST Converter, then ‘OST Extractor Pro‘ will be the perfect choice for you. It can convert OST to PST, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX and EML file formats.

Find out more about the tool by using it directly through its free trial mode.

free software to convert ost to pst
OST Extractor Pro for Mac
software to convert ost to pst
OST Extractor Pro for Windows

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Try free software to convert ost to pst for recovering and converting OST data file to PST for Mac Outlook & Windows Outlook

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