Exporting Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail Without Stressing Yourself Out!

Exporting Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail

Looking to export emails, contacts, and calendar data from Mac Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail? You came to the right place. What follows below is an excellent way to export Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail without the fear of data loss or any other distressing event.

If you have tried any manual methods or other ordinary file converters, you’d know how complicated it can get. After wasting hours and hours on end, you still might end up with damaged output files. Traditional means of data migration usually convert data partially, leaving behind items like images, non-English text, attachments, metadata, and so on. This can be quite painful, and worse if you don’t notice it right away.

The only method that has the consensus among the experts for the most efficient and least problematic method is using “OLM Extractor Pro” to convert OLM files to MBOX. Since, it is not possible to export Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail direclty using OLM files, or through any other in-built feature in either of the client, the conversion from OLM to MBOX is the only option left. And “OLM Extractor Pro” delivers the essential features required for successful file conversion.

Exporting Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail

All other converters are not equipped with the adequate data-processing algorithms to perform a clean data extraction. They would usually leave out the items that manual methods also fail to detect (images, metadata, attachments, and more). “OLM Extractor Pro” is the only Mac application that has the power and the dynamics to keep the data integrity in check and not overlook anything at all.

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So easy for Exporting Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail

This is just one aspect of email migration that “OLM Extractor Pro” has solved effectively. But if you look closely, the tool has almost ended all forms of pain that users suffered during manual migration methods. Data accuracy is just one of the aspects that you are getting from “OLM Extractor Pro.” Other features include: easy interface for intuitive data migration that even beginners can use, ability to convert multiple OLM files together and not suffer from crashes or constant freezing of apps, and more.

The interface is one of the most impressive traits of “OLM Extractor Pro.” You could download the setup here, and start using it right away without knowing anything about how it works. It’s that intuitive. Every feature is self-explanatory, and the step-by-step wizard guides the users towards the destination in the most simplified but very effective manner.

Batch conversion also offers a huge advantage over any other tool or method. For instance, there is a manual approach that you can opt for by dragging and dropping each folder individually. However, when you consider that “OLM Extractor Pro” can support large and multiple OLM files in one single bulk, you couldn’t help but totally disregard any other techniques for migration. Batch conversion is integrated in such a manner that it doesn’t affect the stability and accuracy of the conversion in any way at all.

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Exporting Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail Simplified by OLM Extractor Pro.

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