mac mail to thunderbird

Dynamic Solution for Exporting Mac Mail to Thunderbird Straight from Profile Database (No MBOX)!

Most of the email data is migrated by users first archiving the data into some file like MBOX and then converting it into another.

Exporting Mac Mail to Thunderbird has also been following the same convention.

Export Mac Mail to Thunderbird

To move your emails from Mac Mail to Thunderbird, you’d first have to get the emails archived into MBOX files. And keep in mind that you don’t get MBOX by default, or already in the database directory. Mac Mail doesn’t use standard MBOX but rather EMLX file to store emails (each email message in a single EMLX file).

That makes exporting data a bit more lengthier and more complex. It can also make it more inaccurate, packed with missing details and faults in data integrity.

That’s the reason USL Software took a different approach while developing “Mail Extractor Max”.

What is “Mail Extractor Max” and how it can help you in a better way?

Mail Extractor Max” is a Mac based software utility that you can download here. It is for moving your Mac Mail data to other email clients including Thunderbird.

export mac mail to thunderbird

Before activation, it can convert ten items per folder but allows access to all other features.

The reason why it differs from dozens of other such conversion utilities is that it gets your data straight from the profile folder of Mac Mail. It’s a folder that is located inside users’ library and is the main source of all contents Mac Mail deals with (emails, contacts, attachments, etc.). By removing any need of first archiving emails into files like MBOX, “Mail Extractor Max” significantly simplifies the job for you.

But more importantly, it allows the tool to output perfect Thunderbird files with zero data integrity flaws.

With the conventional method of converting MBOX to Thunderbird, users most likely find their images not appearing correctly or the non-English text characters are missing or the folders don’t the same original structure or other similar frustrating errors. None of that would happen with “Mail Extractor Max” because of its direct-to-data conversion approach and precise algorithms used to process the information.

Get it to Export Mac Mail to Thunderbird

Since USL Software is behind “Mail Extractor Max”, you also get to enjoy the well-known tech support available all the time, day and night. The tool itself is the simplest to use amongst all similar conversion tools. But for larger migration projects, such as in a work environment, you may have more complex details and files inside your database. You might need an experts’ opinion in few cases to get to the outcome more quickly and professionally. The value of a team of experts in that case having your back cannot be overstated.

There are several licenses you can choose from to activate the full version, depending on how many instances of the tool you need to install.

You can give it a shot by downloading the free version as well (which is exactly similar to the full activate version except it converts only ten items per folder).