Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2013 Without Dealing with MBOX files

Export Mac Mail to Outlook 2013

Mail Extractor Pro” is the best Mac utility ever to be designed for exporting Mac Mail to Outlook 2013. Before this tool, we all generally used data file MBOX and a third party file converter to transfer data to Outlook 2013 in Windows. These converters’ job was to convert MBOX to PST.

This was all fine, except that the majority of converters were poorly designed. And the method itself was not efficient due to the very nature of archived files, like MBOX.

Mail Extractor Pro’ disrupts this firmly established albeit inefficient practice by one of the most interesting feature – auto loading of ‘Mail’ folder.

When you use this tool, you’d be surprised by how easy and quick everything is. You just have to click on ‘load’ à ‘Auto-load’ and the data gets ready for conversion. No more fiddling around with the data files, or any other manual steps. Just a few clicks and you are good to go.

Not to mention, this technique also improves the accuracy of the conversion many folds. Due to the ability to directly target the main data source, the chances of data loss or unexpected changes in metadata is significantly reduced. You will find no more annoying glitches like broken images, messed up folder hierarchy, missing non-English characters, and so on. Every part of the information from Mac Mail is converted accurately to Outlook 2013 for Windows.

USL Software also managed to bring out some truly useful functionality that wasn’t available before. Such as splitting PST files. Now you can simply enter the desired maximum file size and the tool will take care of the rest. It won’t let the output file get bigger than the specified limit. If the input is larger than the allowed limit, the tool splits the output files into multiple PST files as required.

This is because of the very troubling issue commonly observed with Windows Outlook, where it frequently fails to import large PST files. The issue is often ignored by the ordinary converters. Going through long and tedious conversion process only to find out that the resulting files is not importable into Outlook was very painful.

Say good bye to the old methods of email migration. “Mail Extractor Pro” is here to make things much, much simpler than before.

You also get many other new features and functions. Everything from the installation to the end part is greatly enhanced and simplified for general users. And along with that, it does not compromise with the advanced features.

You won’t be disappointed. Download the setup and install it. The whole thing will take less than a minute. The setup is very small in size, the installation is basic, and there is no initial configuration or setup needed. You don’t even need to sign up or give any information to use the trial mode (which converts ten items per folder).

This free mode is offered by USL to give you a better picture of how everything works in reality, and how various features can be used.

Get it now at http://www.mailextractorpro.com/

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If you are planning to export Mac Mail to Outlook 2013 (PST), then try Mail Extractor Pro.

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