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Mail Extractor Pro – Convert Apple Mail (both EMLX & MBOX) to PST file format for Microsoft Outlook.

Many users look for EMLX to PST converter to move their data from Mac Mail to Windows Outlook. Some of these converters are free, some are paid. Of course the word ‘free’ has a trance like effect to it. It only lasts till the freeware is actually used.

The poor designing choices by the developers of these free tools are evident from the first glance.

If you are also tired from the half-baked solutions for converting EMLX to PST, here’s something that you need.

EMLX files are associated with Apple Mail. These files contain the email messages for Mac Mail. Their incompatibility with Windows Outlook (or any other email client) causes trouble for users trying to migrate data or switch over completely. Even the archived file format – MBOX – is incompatible with Windows Outlook. Windows Outlook does not identity any file other than PST.

Naturally, users look for EMLX to PST converter.

But what if I to tell you there is a far better way to do things?

“Mail Extractor Pro” brings what was needed. It is a tool developed by USL Software to make Mac Mail to Windows Outlook migration easy. And it does so in unexpected ways.

emlx to pst converter freeThe tool has a unique feature to get the data automatically from the ‘Mail’ folder, which is the identity folder of Apple Mail. You don’t need EMLX file, or MBOX file either. The conversion in this manner gets more safe and broad. The tool succeeds in converting every single item of information from the source, which was never possible with traditional MBOX or EMLX to PST conversion.

Other than that, “Mail Extractor Pro” holds the key to smooth and easy conversion – painstakingly designed interface.

The tool makes everything easier by directly loading data from identity folder. But USL Software didn’t stop there. Every other feature, button, or function of the tool is laid out strategically to make the process as seamless as possible. The graphical interface is intuitive to understand and interact with. Which means, there is no prior technical knowledge or experience required to get your data converted in a correct manner.

If you have never even heard of “email migration,” you can get started within a minute and probably be over in few minutes, depending on the total size you want to convert.

USL Software worked hard to get rid of the common problems that caused the distress of many users and developers for a long time. The tool shows no sign of data missing, unwanted changes anywhere, or any such commonly occurring issues. The tool is free of any annoying bugs or glitches, and also installs and runs without any crash.

Additionally, the tool can also do the following:

  • It allows you to set a maximum limit for the output PST files. It will create additional files if required, but never let the converted files go over the limit.
  • Any email with non-English text is a matter of concern for ordinary tools. Not for “Mail Extractor Pro”. It holds the special algorithms that safely convert the text in any language.
  • The tool is also capable to keep the folder hierarchy exactly same
  • It gives you the freedom to convert only the folders you want to convert by simple removing the check from the corresponding folders.
  • The tool generates a detailed log report to analyze the conversion. Extremely helpful in large scale migration.
  • You can manually load MBOX files up to any number and convert all of them to PST in one go. This batch conversion does not affect the quality of conversion negatively.

The EMLX to PST Converter free trial version is available to download.

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