Converting PST to MBOX

Converting PST to MBOX Free Windows or Mac? Here’s Your Answer!

Converting PST to MBOX

Many people who are looking to convert Windows Outlook data into MBOX format for Mac Mail or Thunderbird are looking for a Windows based converter. But it’s not a wise decision. Since the output format is primarily for Mac Mail, which runs in Mac OS X, it’s better to go with Mac compatible tools.

It’s a known issue that with Windows converters, you get fragmented data as output, with damaged integrity, missing data components, and more. The job of data extraction from PST to MBOX just isn’t suitable for any application to perform in Windows.

Tool for Converting PST to MBOX

Therefore, we have come up with a Mac based utility from USL Software that solves every issue all Windows applications have. It’s called “PST Extractor Pro” and it will give you the best approach for converting PST to MBOX not in Windows, but in Mac.

Converting PST to MBOX

Let’s take a detailed look into the software and how it functions.

PST Extractor Pro” basically works by extracting the information/contents from PST files (that you have to manually select from wherever they are saved), and then it implements all that extracted data into new MBOX files, while preserving the metadata and everything else.

This extraction process is quite tricky, and this is where Windows based PST to MBOX converter can fall short of. Email files to today have a rather large set of complex items that needs dedicated logic for extraction. We have come a long way since the 80s where the emails meant just transferring few lines of text across the networks. We now have folders, complex folder hierarchy, emails in other languages, images embedded into emails, HTML formatting of email bodies, nested emails, attachments, links, and more.

Any take on extracting all this info from one file format (PST) to other (MBOX) have to be through all-encompassing and dedicated algorithms that do not overlook things. It’s hard to be inclusive of headers and metadata (including Subject line, time and date stamps, from, To, Cc, Bcc, etc.).

Easy way to convert pst to mbox

This is what “PST Extractor Pro” resolves with the excellence and experience of USL Software developers, and by choosing to develop the utility for Mac environment.

Apart from that, it has an interface based on minimalism, which means the developers made it incredible simple and basic without compromising the functionality. You still get all the necessary advanced functions like splitting of MBOX files, DBCS content support, multiphase scanning, folder selection and removal, and more.

Some other features that are often missing from PST to MBOX free Windows converters (because of the limitation of the OS itself) are:

  • Converting contacts and calendar data to VCF and ICS file
  • Splitting large MBOX files
  • Very fast conversion without wasting your precious time.
  • Support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages
  • Mapping the folder hierarchy correctly into output MBOX files
  • Keeping the SMTP headers same
  • Filtering folders for selection or exclusion
  • Batch conversion of multiple PST files at the same time
  • And more

Get it for converting PST to MBOX

Download the setup here:

It can be installed within few minutes and you can check it out everything in detail in a free trial mode.

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