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Convert Pst to Mbox Reliably – Free Trial Available of “PST Extractor Pro”

Convert Pst to Mbox with the best utility

USL Software has always been a leading source of excellent email migration tools. “Pst Extractor Pro“, also from USL Software, is another Mac utility that will help you convert PST to MBOX effortlessly.

how to convert pst to mbox

It’s a powerful and yet easy to use email migration tool to convert Pst files to Mac Mail, Entourage, Thunderbird, Postbox, Mbox, Rge, and Pst to Eml files. It has a graphical user-interface that makes the conversion easy for users regardless of their experience or skills in email migration.

Mbox is the most generic file format that you can import to many email clients, like Apple Mail and Thunderbird. Therefore, “PST Extractor Pro” can be used for different email migration tasks that require conversion of Outlook data.

Convert PST to MBOX with ‘PST Extractor Pro’

USL Software employed plenty of resources in the development of “Pst Extractor Pro.” And there are no compromises in any department. From data accuracy, to interface, to tech support – everything is at its finest.

convert pst to mbox free

Using the program, a user can quickly load his or her multiple Pst files in and have them converted to Mbox in a single batch. USL Software created it to handle large sized Olm files in bulk without jeopardizing the other aspects such as speed, stability, and accuracy of conversion. You no longer have to go through the dreaded process of converting each PST file to MBOX separately that seemed to take ages to finish.

There are many more additions by USL Software in “PST Extractor Pro” that they have put the software in an entirely new territory. Through the use of the modern and intelligent algorithms for data conversion, “Pst Extractor Pro” brings an excellent means of converting PST to MBOX without losing data or modifying the information in any way.

For example, it maintains emails with non-English text after the conversion and does not lead to the broken string of text in Mbox files. Most importantly, it also supports Chinese, Korean, and Japanese languages that are otherwise very challenging for traditional tools.

This is rarely possible with conventional PST to MBOX converters. Non-English characters are encoded differently (Unicode standard defined) and therefore many tools do not have the algorithms to detect and convert them accurately.

On top of all this, it comes packed with various other handy features. Such as splitting large Mbox files, merging contacts to a single Vcf file, merging calendar to a single Ics file, filtering folders, ignoring empty folders, and saving read/unread emails in separate folders. All of these features are very easy to use. They are given right at the front wizard of the tool and not hidden somewhere deep within the maze. Using the tool and these features will be effortless. And you will be end up with accurate and precise Mbox files without doing anything.

Convert PST to MBOX free Trial

USL Software, like always, provides a free trial version that doesn’t lock out any feature. “Pst Extractor Pro” is also available in a free trial mode that can convert ten items per folder.

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Get ‘PST Extractor Pro‘ to convert pst to mbox.

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