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The Best Way to Convert Postbox to Outlook

Finding the best way to convert Postbox to Outlook can seem to be very tricky. There are not many solutions available in the market that could help convert Postbox emails to Outlook. But to solve the purpose there is a new tool available in the market which is known as the Mail Extractor Pro.

Convert Postbox to Outlook like never before

Mail extractor Pro is featured by USL software. This tool is developed with the idea of converting the postbox, mailbox, Thunderbird files into PST files. These PST files can then be converted into Windows Outlook or Mac Outlook files. As we all know that there is no direct way of converting the PST files directly into Outlook files hence the need of converting the files first into PST and then to Outlook is needed.

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Here are few of the features that make mail extractor Pro stand out from other tools available in the market. So let us discuss the features of the tools without any further delay.

Features of mail extractor Pro

Smooth User Interface

Mail extractor Pro is such designed that the users can easily navigate through the tool portal without any hassle. The platform is self-explanatory. The team has done a great job in providing a platform which does not confuse the user but makes it simpler and makes a difficult job look easy.

Auto-loading Feature

One of the best features of mail extractor Pro is the auto-loading feature. In the auto-loading feature you can simply select post box as your mail client and click on auto-load. Once you click on autoload the software will automatically derive all the data files from the set client and start the work to convert the files to PST. The users who are not very friendly with software and technical terminologies can also use the software with great ease.

Metadata conversion

Usually the software that are available in the market to convert postbox files into PST do not offer the feature of metadata conversion. The most difficult part for converting the complex files into PST files is the conversion of metadata such as read unread status, attachments, timestamps, Excel sheets, presentation files etc. The mail extractor Pro understands the complexity of all search flag files and converts them to its true nature without losing out on important data.

These were few important features of mail Extractor Pro that are not usually found in other email conversion software available in the market.

Postbox to Outlook

Try it to convert Postbox to Outlook

A tool that is so well developed and can help make your task easy, should be purchased right away. You can also use the trial version of the software which is available on the website.

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They have different packages available on the website as standard business and enterprise package. According to your needs and utility, you can pick the one that suits you the best.

USL software offers 24/7 support for all its users online. Also once you purchase the software you will get all the free updates for rest of your life. This means that at no added price you will keep getting updates for the package that you have opted for. So now you know to convert Postbox to outlook you need the Mail Extractor Pro.

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