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Convert OST to PST in all its fullness and achieve “to-the-point” accuracy

Best tool to Convert OST to PST

Corruption or inaccessibility of OST files is one of the most frustrating situation for users. You must have found yourself in the same situation, where either your crucial data is in OST files, which are corrupted or you can’t access the data in them.

This can lead an inexperienced user astray. Even advanced users face challenging to extract the stuck data in OST files.

Today, we discuss about OST and PST files, and how can convert OST to PST with incredible ease.

What are OST and PST files?

OST and PST files are both Outlook data files, storing emails, contacts, tasks, and calendar entries. The difference between both is the type of account you have created in Outlook. If you have one of the POP3 or IMAP account, you have PST files as the files storing data. In other cases, such as exchange account and account (formerly Outlook stores data in OST files.

OST files can synchronize the changes that were made without the connection to the server, with the main server when the connection is restored.

The problem is that OST files can get corrupted or inaccessible due to many reasons. Server maintenance, connection issues, viruses attack, or the most common one, accidentally deleting the original exchange account, are the few reasons for corruption of OST files.

To view the data, we have to extract the data from OST files and convert it into PST, and then, import PST files into Outlook. That way, you can view the data easily in Outlook’s interface just like the regular data stored in PST files.

The best solution to convert OST to PST

OST Extractor Pro” is the windows app that is a full, comprehensive solution to convert OST to PST. It is fully adept in converting the full, comprehensive data, without leaving anything behind. Emails, folders, posts, calendars, appointments, meeting requests, contacts, distribution lists, tasks, task requests, journals, notes, and other data attributes can be fully recovered back using this tool.

convert ost to pst

Preserve data integrity while converting OST to PST

It has an impressive structure inside that allows to protect the data and convert it safely to PST or other available formats. Here is the list of the data persevering capabilities.

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  • Supports mail messages conversion of text, RTF, and HTML format
  • Supports the recovery of attachments
  • Preserves embedded images within email body
  • Recovers nested messages and other attached messages
  • Recovers embedded excel sheets and word documents
  • Generate Unicode format to protect all text encodings (non-English content)
  • Email attributes, like Cc, Bcc, Time and Date stamp, Subject, To, etc. are preserved


What are the specific features for OST to PST conversion?

Moreover, “OST Extractor Pro” is loaded with multiple options and functionalities that make the task breeze.

Some of the most noticeable options and features are:

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  • Split big size PST files into two smaller ones. That makes Outlook function smoothly
  • Recovered password protected files. Supports both high-level and low-level encryption
  • Recover huge-sized OST files
  • Accurate recovery with multi-phase system


Apart from this, the OST to PST converter leads with three most impressive “S qualities” – Safety, Simplicity, and Speed. It keeps your files incredible safe, and the probability of accidental file deletion (due to various threats) is almost negligible.

The interface is made as simple as possible. Even a beginner with computers can use the overall OST to PST conversion wizard. It is that simple!

Moreover, the speed with which it interacts with OST files and extracts the data, and finally converting it into PST files happen amazingly fast. Even big sized OST files can be converted to PST files in just few minutes.

Free Trial for converting OST to PST

There is no use delaying anymore. Download the free trial version now and evaluate the tool risk free. Once happy with the performance, go for the full licensed version.

Get it here:

You will also get free lifetime updates and an expert backed up technical support, 24×7.

Download your free trial version now and convert ost to pst with ease.

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