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Convert Mac Mail to PST – Avoid Unnecessary Steps and Convert Data Directly!

Convert Mac Mail to PST in a fashion that is akin to professional, but without wasting time in the technical depths of email migration tasks. The tool we have for you will turn the job into a breeze but at the same time gives a lot more control, power, and flexibility. The crucial key here is a simple interface over a powerful conversion engine, making the tool stand in stark contrast with all others.

Tool to Convert Mac Mail to PST

Called ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ from USL Software, it frees you from the technical hurdles and endless missteps of converting Mac Mail to PST. What you are getting is a revolutionized approach to a complicated job many often struggle with, even with years of experience. ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ with its excellent features integrated under an intuitive UI simply allows you to breeze through the conversion process directly from the Mac Mail database.

convert mac mail to pst

You have three options to input:

  1. Let the auto-load function pick up your main database directory, named simply ‘Mail.’ It is also known was Mail Profile or Identity.
  2. Load a “Mail” folder from a backup location or any Apple Mail Mailbox Export
  3. Load the archived MBOX files for conversion. You can export all Mail data in an MBOX file.

While MBOX files conversion is a valid way for data migration, and the only option for many users, we recommend the auto-load feature as your first and foremost way of transferring data. By directly targeting Apple Mail profile/identity, you minimize the risks of partial or complete data loss. The tool also fixes the usual errors such as folders’ hierarchy loss, broken images, missing attachments, and other similar errors.

mac mail to pst

It is packed with

Mail Extractor Pro‘ comes fully packed with all the essentials you need to convert Mac Mail to PST. Some of them are:

  • Limit PST files size so the tool can split the larger ones
  • Manually remove any unwanted folder from conversion
  • Full and brief conversion report/log
  • Unicode text conversion including email addresses and from the headers
  • Correct mapping and copying of the structure of folders
  • And many more

You cannot go wrong with ‘Mail Extractor Pro.’ It not only manages to simplify the task of Mac Mail to PST conversion, but also introduces unique and helpful features that can help advanced users as well, all the while not compromising with the data accuracy and integrity.

mac mail to pst conversion

Free trial to convert Mac Mail to PST

You can download the trial demo today and get to see directly how it works in action. The free version does not lock you out, but converts only up to ten emails per folder, which should give you a limitless opportunity to evaluate the tool further. The link below is for the direct download, requiring no sign up or other information from you.

Download Now:

And lastly, 24 x 7 technical support of USL Software always enhances the overall experience further by always being there when you need help in any shape or form.

Get it today and convert Mac Mail, Postbox, MBOX file and Thunderbird to Outlook 365 for Mac and Win.