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Convert EMLX to EML – the best EMLX to EML Conversion Software

Are you looking to convert EMLX to EML? Read this post to find out what’s it all about and what can you do.

But first a bit of an introduction to the data files EMLX and EML.

EMLX file is associated with Apple Mail. Each EMLX file stores a single email message. This format was introduced in the second edition of Apple Mail, before which the emails were stored in mailbox format. By introducing, EMLX files, Apple wanted to improve the index search function.

EMLX is a raw file format that is only compatible with Apple Mail for interacting with contents. You cannot simply copy them elsewhere.

EML, on the other hand, were first introduced by Outlook Express, but it is now a generic file for storing email messages. Windows Live Mail also uses EML as a native data file. Along with that, there are many programs and all popular email clients that can read and import EML Files easily.
Therefore, for users looking to backup Apple Mail data or to transfer the data to some other client, it’s a common practice to convert EMLX to EML. For that, you need an external application from other software parties to convert the files properly. These applications require you to upload your EMLX files and then it will export and map the entire data into new EML files.

Convert EMLX to EML

Sounds pretty straightforward, right? In practice, it can be quite daunting and tricky. First, it requires you to manually copy and use the raw EMLX files from the native database directory of Apple Mail. Secondly, to properly convert EMLX to EML, you also need a very advanced and costly application. Even then, the results can be painfully inaccurate. The data fragmentation and corruption is a very common occurrence during EMLX to EML conversion.

Here’s what we suggest:

Try “Mail Extractor Max.” It’s a tool from USL Software to get your Apple Mail data into EML Files quite possible with the most accuracy and efficient you’d ever seen.

convert emlx to eml

And here’s the most interesting part – it is not an EMLX to EML converter. To convert Apple Mail into EML files, it doesn’t even need EMLX files. That alone makes a huge difference in the entire project of data export. You no more need to manually locate your Apple Mail data directory and use the raw EMLX files at all.

how to convert emlx to eml

So, how does it Convert EMLX to EML files?

Developed by USL Software, “Mail Extractor Max” holds a special feature that can directly target the profile/identity directory of Apple Mail. Everything stored inside that database (emails, contacts, calendar, etc.) will be selected automatically for conversion into EML files.

This is not just important to simplify the conversion, but also makes a significant difference in the precision of conversion, offering almost 100% protection for data integrity. In contrast, EMLX to EML conversion through traditional method can never be fully accurate.

“Mail Extractor Max” has the ability to convert even the smallest component within Apple Mail, such as – metadata, SMTP headers, read/unread status of emails, etc. All such items are usually very trick to extract from raw basic files like EMLX.

There are features like support for special text characters such as double-bytes (Chinese, Japanese, e.t.c.), accurate mapping of folder hierarchy, sharp micro-operations for metadata, advanced event handlers to safeguard data from unexpected events, and so on.

And USL Software managed to fit all this into an extremely simple GUI. Non-Experienced users can manage to convert Apple Mail to EML files without learning anything about the job. On the other hand, EMLX to EML conversion would require you to have at least some technical basic information about the job. Not anymore!

Just download the tool, install it within few minutes, and get started. As simple as that.

You can even get the free trial version to see the tool working in action in person. Click here to get the setup and Convert EMLX to EML.

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