Convert Apple mail to Outlook 2011 Mac Easily

Apple Mail and Outlook 2011 are great email clients, but they do have their differences. Which makes the data migration one to another very difficult. The major difference is in their file format. Apple Mail uses Mbox, and Outlook 2011 uses Olm, and both these file format are not interchangeable.

So, What can you do to convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 Mac? It’s simple. Convert Mbox file from Apple Mail to Olm for Outlook 2011 Mac.

But is it really that simple? It is not just the name of the files that are different. The whole internal structure and the way data is arrange inside them is as different as night and date. Attachments, email properties, images, folder structure, and everything else are stored inside these files in different ways. So extracting the data and converting it becomes a challenge.

What are the biggest obstacles?

The biggest obstacle in converting Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 Mac is the lack of any safe solution that can preserve the following items during conversion –

  • Email attachments
  • Embedded Images
  • Structure (hierarchy) of email folders
  • Non-English content
  • Nested Messages
  • Properties (to, cc, bcc, subject, from)
  • Time and date stamps

It is never easy to successfully convert each and every elements stated above into Olm files.

So, what to do?

Use a professional third party software that can do the work for you. There are many, but it is hard to find one that is effective.

Don’t worry, we have done the testing work for you, and we came up with a tool called “Mail Extractor Max”. It is the best and downright most effective tool when it comes to converting Apple mail to Outlook 2011.

convert apple mail to outlook 2011 mac

Features of “Mail Extractor Max”

Autoload – It autoloads your Apple Mail database directly from the “Mail” folder.

Manual load – You can also manually load the Mbox files in case Apple Mail isn’t installed and there is no “Mail” folder. Or, you are trying to convert the data from some other computer. Simply load the Mbox files from wherever you have stored them.

Multiple Output formats – This tool also works for other type of conversions. You can convert Apple mail to Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage, Rge, Eml, etc.

Folder Preview and Selection – Whether you select Mbox files manually or choose autoload, the tool will show you the folders inside them, and let you select/deselect the folders. This helps in cases when you don’t want the full conversion.

Want to try?

If you want to try the tool out, click here. This link is for a free limited edition. The only limitation with this edition is that it will let you convert only 10 items from each folder. But the rest of the features are all open and free to try. It will give you an idea if the tool is good enough for you or not.

“Mail Extractor max” truly works. It is currently the best solution for converting Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 Mac. It has no issues with the incomplete migration that was stated above. All the attachments, properties of emails, folder structure, nested messages, and images will be safely and properly converted into Olm files without any trouble.

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Mail Extractor Max helps you to convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 Mac, Entourage 2004/2008, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX & EML file.

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