Apple Mail to EML Converter

Convert Apple Mail to EML Directly – No Extra Middle Steps to Confuse You!

Apple Mail – default email client on all MacOS computers – can only export emails and items to MBOX. To export or convert Apple Mail to EML, you have to traverse a path full of obstacles and annoyances.

Easy way to convert Apple Mail to EML

The options usually include a third-party program that you need to install on your computer. The problem is that these programs can be exhausting, regardless if you are a well-read user with email migration terminology or just a common, everyday user.

Mail Extractor Max” turns it all around. It gets the job done in just a few minutes, in merely a few clicks, and makes the task approachable by anyone. It makes converting Apple Mail to EML non-intimidating.

Even a complete home user who is oblivious of all the tech jargon can use it just as efficiently as the top experts.

convert apple mail to eml

Auto-loading Default Database And converting to EML directly!

“Mail Extractor Max” works by auto-selecting the Apple Mail default database, also called ‘Profile’ or sometimes ‘identity.’

This brings an end to the long-lasting method of first exporting the emails from Apple Mail to MBOX and then converting MBOX file with a converter app. This excellent program from USL Software can perform clean conversion of your emails and other items directly from the native database.

For users with other intended purposes and needs, there is an option to skip the auto-load and instead manually pick any other exported mailboxes or backups for conversion to EML.

Other Crucial Features that add more functionality

Only a few software applications of any kind can manage to keep the core functionality simple and accessible for everyone, while also be powerful enough to serve more complex needs in a more advanced environment.

‘Mail Extractor Max’ was built to be a friendly app even the most basic users can approach and use it to convert Apple Mail to EML files.

Yet, it’s dynamic range, backward compatibility solutions, unique and helpful controls, internal programming and algorithms, Unicode and MIME targeted native mechanics, and a technical support of USL Software makes ‘Mail Extractor Max’ the most treasured Apple Mail to EML converter app even by the top most experts and technicians.

You get power, sophistication, and simplicity – all in one.

The Five Steps to Convert Apple Mail to EML Files

The tutorial below is less of a tutorial but more of a clarification on how ‘Mail Extractor Max’ works. As you will notice, you do not need to learn any step or to understand the technical concepts behind the process of data conversion. These steps can be followed by anyone and are merely the simple instructions like point-and-click.

  1. Launch “Mail Extractor Max” after installation.
  2. Click “Load” and ‘Auto-Load’ and you can see all your folders inside the Apple Mail default database. OR, select ‘Open’ to select any other mailbox than the default one, such as a backup stored on a pen drive.
  3. Feel free to skip any unnecessary folder (or leave all folders checked for conversion, which is the default setting)
  4. Select ‘EML’ as your desired format in which to save the converted data on. Note it also gives you an option to convert Apple Mail to Entourage, Outlook Mac, Thunderbird, and MBOX files as well.
  5. Click ‘Convert’ and choose the location where ‘Mail Extractor Max’ will save the EML files.

Now all you need to do is wait for conversion to be over.

The time ‘Mail Extractor Max’ takes to process and transform your database depends on the size and other factors like computer specs and so on. But in general, it is the fastest data converter app that can handle even massive Apple Mail databases and give results in half the usual time other ordinary apps would take.

The tool includes Images, attachments, headers, and more in its conversion algorithms!

Migration or data transformation is very much like trying to translate a poetic prose from one language to another. You are only going to get the true meaning across without any variation if you are skilled with the grammar, syntax, meanings, and vocabularies of both languages. Otherwise, the meaning is all lost.

Converting Apple Mail to EML is also very tricky in the sense of retaining the original emails and related information along with metadata and structure. A converter must be well-equipped with the data structure, elements, syntax, and the style of metadata of both kinds of files.

This is what ‘Mail Extractor Max’ is. It not only converts everything from Apple Mail to EML, it is also the only converter app that is able to fully retain the entire originality of your email database. In other words, the tool copies and maps the whole database in a cohesive manner that does not fragment the elements into separate pieces or modify the structure.

This offers clean conversion of elements such as graphics (images, logos, icons, etc.), attachments, MIME and Unicode content, any links inside emails, email headers, cloud-based files, application files, nested emails, and so on. You get to keep all the original data and in the original arrangement and hierarchy.

Also, keep in mind:

  • It works completely offline
  • Fully standalone and fully independent. Has no dependencies on other utilities or extensions.
  • Compatible with 10.6 Mac OS and higher versions
  • Takes minimal disk space for installation
  • Has personal and commercial licenses
  • Technical support available 24 x 7

Below you can find the download link.

Apple Mail to EML

You cannot find a more straightforward way to convert Apple Mail to EML files that too with the added safety and accuracy of ‘Mail Extractor Max’ smart algorithms. It is the best Apple mail converter that works on Mac only.

Pick up “Mail Extractor Max” today, if you want to get going and convert Apple Mail to EML files directly without all the fuss and unwanted distractions other inferior tools bring up constantly.