open OST file in Outlook

Cannot open OST file in Outlook Windows? This is a Must-Read!

Many users mix up OST with PST format. But they are different. If you find yourself not being able to open OST file in Outlook Windows, the technical reason is that you cannot. OST is not a personal file suitable for such purpose, like PST. This connection between OST and Outlook Windows client has been a frequent source of frustration and confusion.

Cannot Open OST file in Outlook Windows

So, let’s start with a clear and straightforward statement: you cannot open OST file in Outlook. And most never need to. OST, short for Offline storage file, works with the Outlook client automatically. It allows for offline access of the data and the ability to sync changes made offline when the internet is connected. This link, however, can be broken due to viruses, network or hard drive failures, manual errors like deleting the account and keeping the file, etc.

Such disconnection can render OST file isolate and inaccessible by standard means. If you too find yourself with an OST file that has important data in it, you cannot access it by importing the file or opening it directly in Outlook.

Now that confusing technical part is over, let’s move on to the answer.

In simple terms, by converting OST to PST and then importing PST, you achieve the same outcome as trying to open OST in Outlook directly. This OST to PST extraction task can prove to be another hindrance and a time-consuming one, unless you have the right tool for it.

The tool, that help

We highly suggest “OST Extractor Pro” that can give you a straight and uncomplicated way for doing so. All you need to do is select the OST file, choose folders inside it for conversion (or by default, leave all the folders selected for conversion), and then pick ‘PST’ as the format you want. This will process all emails, contacts, calendar, and other components from OST to PST without any manual inputs required from you.

Cannot open OST file in Outlook

Apart from an uncomplicated interface, “OST Extractor Pro” is also highly recommended because of its precise control over the intricacies of the email data. The central component of the tool is the set of optimized logic that can pick apart any minor or major details and convert them to PST without exception. Commonly it is seen that without optimization, Outlook OST file to PST can leave behind many gaps in data, like missing images, or broken attachments, and more. That is effectively settled now and you will not have to face that anymore.

Get a free trial if you wish to see the tool in action.

Cannot open OST file in Outlook Windows

It comes in Mac OS and Windows version and there are multiple choices for full versions available. The interconnectivity between OST file and Outlook has made a significant improvement in ways users access emails and sync the changes to the servers. But the confusion between OST and PST can also flare up the unnecessary issues during migration. But through ‘OST Extractor Pro,’ you can simply convert the OST into PST and then use that with the outlook and get the same outcome.