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Mail Extractor Max, the best Apple Mail Converter

For all Apple users who have to shift their data to a different mail client, the Mail Extractor Max serves as one of the best Apple mail converter ever. This app is one of the third party mail converters designed to meet the conversion needs of Apple clients without the regular complications. It has been designed to export Apple mail to Outlook 2011 for Mac, Thunderbird, Entourage, and EML file format. It is a one-step solution to mail migration.

apple mail converter

Features of Apple Mail Converter:

Though generated to simply convert mails to the format of the clients’ choice, the Mail Extractor Max has got multiple benefits over any other mail converter. It is careful of the intrinsic steps involved in the procedure and provides most flawless and safest mail conversion experience ever.

Converts to a variety of formats:

This tool may justifiably as a multitasker since it is capable of providing its service according to the clients’ need. One can convert the files from Apple or Mac format into Outlook 2011 for Mac, Entourage 2004/2008, Thunderbird, and EML.

Speedy conversion rate:

One of the major benefits of using the Mail Extractor Max apart from having access to simple conversion is the fast speed of mail migration. This app cuts down unnecessary steps involved in the process and thus makes the process accessible to everyone. It is thus the favourite choice of people who do not wish to toil away their hours unnecessarily.

Preserves attachments :

Most clients of mail converters complain of the loss of their attachment files while using a professional mail converter. The users of the Mail Extractor Max do not have to deal with than danger since it specially designed to meet this need. It preserves the nested messages and attachment files by extracting them from the deepest of locations. Thus the client of this tool does not fear incomplete conversion.

Converts in bulk manner:

A wise methodology employed by this tool to save the clients’ time is by converting the files in bulk manner. The client gets to choose the files according to their convenience and put them under one group. This tool converts multiple files at once at the same efficiency as in conversion of files individually.

User-friendly simplicity:

No user finds it difficult to migrate their files according to their choice with this tool in their service. It is extremely easy to use and for all client groups. Thus, everyone can operate this tool, from an expert professional to a novice with zero familiarity with the mail conversion procedure.

Download this Apple Mail Converter

Apart from these features, this mail converter has got an amazing interface which is quite helpful throughout the conversion process. Interested people can check out the features and interface of this tool in our trial version before actually purchasing it. Get it today and let us know your experiences in conversion with this tool. Suggestions for improvement are also welcome. Contact us via our client support system.

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