PST to MBOX Conversion Tool

Best and Free PST to MBOX Conversion Tool That Supports the Clean Conversion of Your Emails in Other Languages from International Clients!

Are you worried about not finding a decent but professional free PST to MBOX conversion tool?

Your worries are reasonable. The process of email file conversion takes a lot of efforts and requires a heavily developed utility. Sadly, most of the ordinary free PST to MBOX conversion tools are not up to the mark.

PST to MBOX Conversion Tool

Today, we will change that for you. Introducing “PST Extractor Pro” from the USL Software that will take away all your tension of an otherwise demanding task.


The most important feature of “PST Extractor Pro” is that it converts every single item from your PST files to MBOX. And in this increasingly complex world of emails, this is a priceless feature that you will not find anywhere else.

The most important but hardest part to convert is always the text from email bodies. Gone are the days when an email meant a few simple string of words sent from one network to other. Today, emails are used to communicate across the world and that meant a lot more complicated formatting of emails. And also, non-English text characters inside your emails from international clients is often a thing of concern.

If you live in an English speaking country or not, but if you often communicate using emails in languages other than English, it’s a major issue for you to convert those emails from PST to MBOX. No other typical free PST to MBOX conversion tools can offer you a clean and safe way to get this done.

But ‘PST Extractor Pro’ is different.

It utilizes an extremely advanced and dedicated logic for converting all sorts of emails in any language.

When it comes to convert non-English characters, the hardest are Chinese and Japanese because they use double-byte characters, called DBCS encoding protocol, unlike ASCII used for English which only uses a single-byte. Converting DBCS (double-byte) can get demanding and increasingly tricky if there are many PST files. And if you want an easy interface, support for other complex items (like folder hierarchy), and more.

Safe & Secure PST to MBOX Conversion tool

To fit it all inside one utility has troubled many developers forever. But “PST Extractor Pro” resolves this with the advanced algorithms. All you have to do is load your PST files and have them converted to MBOX without worrying about losing any of your text regardless of whatever encoding standards or characters they use.

The tool also features many other useful features like Batch conversion (the ability to convert more than one PST file to MBOX in one go), full support for your folder hierarchy, 24×7 tech support, intuitive interface, automatic conversion of your calendar entries and contacts to ICS and VCF files respectively, and more.

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So, what are you waiting for?

Get the trial setup downloaded using the link – If you wanted an exceptional PST to MBOX conversion tool, here’s your chance.

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