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Apple Mail to Thunderbird Migration Professionally Certified Tool

Moving away from Apple Mail to Thunderbird? Have you thought about how you will move away the emails from Apple Mail to Thunderbird?

Of course, you have. Otherwise, you’d not be here reading about Apple Mail to Thunderbird migration.

Apple Mail to Thunderbird Migration Tool

So basically, this migration methods involves transferring all that you have stored in Apple Mail client into Thunderbird through means that are safe, easy, and quick. But it’s not that simple. The manual conversion methods are not exactly quick and easy, and the good third-party solutions are not easy to find.

The reason why it is not that simple is because there is no official in-built support on either Apple Mail or Thunderbird to transfer data without any outside help. Therefore, you either need to go through convoluted and elaborate manual steps, or use a simple commercial tool.

The one that we constantly recommend is “Mail Extractor Max” for several reasons. It is the only tool for Mac users that doesn’t wallow in inefficient programming like all other tools. Built with extreme care and dedication for clean data export from USL Software, the tool brings the best approach till date for Apple Mail to Thunderbird migration.

Apple Mail to Thunderbird Migration

Let’s take a look at few of the best reasons why you should use “Mail Extractor Max”:

  • It supports automatic loading of your Apple Mail database, as opposed to MBOX files that many converters require.
  • It converts text from any language, including DBCS encoded text
  • It converts everything, including the following:
    – Metadata and Headers (To, from, Subject)
    – Timestamps and date
    – Nested Messages
    – Email Attachments
  • The tool also keeps the folder hierarchy similar after the conversion.
  • It lets you convert Apple Mail to other formats not just limited to Thunderbird, such as- RGE, MBOX, EML, etc.
  • The data-rate (speed) is extremely quick. You can convert GB of your Apple Mail data into Thunderbird within few minutes.

With such extensive range of functionality, you will not find any better tool anywhere else. Apple Mail to Thunderbird migration can be quite tedious, but “Mail Extractor Max” has turned that status quo upside down.

Simplified Apple Mail to Thunderbird Migration

To use, “Mail Extractor Max” is even easier.

I am talking about its interface. If you take a look at other tools for Apple Mail to Thunderbird migration, you’d see a lot of unnecessary options and buttons that do not make the tool more functional. In fact, it overwhelms both beginners and experts.

“Mail Extractor Max,” on the other hand, is truly basic and clean (in spite of its modern functionalities). All the features are nicely formatted into a single screen wizard that even a complete novice user can make sense of.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the free trial version right now that allows you to convert ten items per folder without any restriction on the actual features.

Apple Mail to Thunderbird Migration Tool

Check it now – and simplify your Apple Mail to Thunderbird migration needs.

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