Apple Mail to PST Conversion

Apple Mail to PST Conversion

Daunted by Apple mail to PST Conversion complexity? Here is the solution to ease your nerves!

Apple Mail to PST Conversion

The Reason for the complexity

The reason for the complexity involved in Apple mail to PST Conversion is the distinction in both email clients and the fact that they are run on different platforms. PST is a file for storing data in Outlook in Windows platform; and Apple mail runs on Mac. Any app or tool that could help you in transitioning the data across Mac and Windows platform requires to be an expert in both operating systems. Suffice to say that that this could be the reason of incompetency involved with this task.

 The reason why you are intimidated

The reason why you, and all other users, are intimidated by this particular task is the lack of sufficient trust in the tools. We all have heard of reports involving data loss, data corruption, time wastage, and other frustrating issues involved.

Most of the tools present in the market are ordinary. Although, the software world has reached greater heights, email migration industry is still not that efficient. The reason is stated above. Most tools are supposed to run on a single platform. Performing conversion from Applemail (a Mac supporting email client) to Outlook (Windows supporting email client) requires very sophisticated and custom-built tool to perform the task with sufficient satisfaction. This is why most developers fail to impress the users.

What is PST?

PST is personal storage table, a file format, which is primarily used by Outlook in windows platform and is incompatible everywhere else. Thus, one first have to convert files used in Apple mail to PST to export the contents in Apple mail database, as PST is the only recognizable format for Outlook. Considering the framework, software designing, programming, and the overall framework of two different OS, the task of first extracting the data from Apple-mail and then inject it into new PST files is evidently not a straightforward job.

The Solution – Mail Extractor Pro

There are generally two major complications that developers face –

  • Providing data safety
  • Providing ease of use by an interactive and user-friendly interface

The Apple Mail to PST Conversion Tool

The one and only solution that we found to have passed most of the tests is “Mail Extractor Pro” by USL Software. It is an incredible solution for this very convoluted job of converting Apple mail to Outlook.

apple mail to pst conversion

As said earlier, data safety and the lack of simplicity in interface of tools were the most mind-bending complications for a long time. Thus, this solution would not be that exciting it failed to resolve the two above stated setbacks. However, it does –and becomes one of the first migration tool to have done that!

The Simplicity

“Mail Extractor Pro” excel in every single area of the software designing. The interface is as diligently designed as its backstage technology.The product has been designed keeping both the non-experts and experts in mind. The interface and the overall usability of the product is quite simple and uncomplicated. The wizard screens during the actual conversion are self-explanatory, with easy to understand instructions. The intuitiveness and the interaction with the interface is practically unmatched anywhere else.

The Data Safety

“Mail Extractor Pro” ensures of its safety of the files during the conversion. Data loss and corruption is one of the major concern when it comes to email migration. So, an extra thought and effort has gone into the product to make it fully protective from the technical actions that could cause unexpected loss of data or corruption.

apple mail to pst

Get the free trial copy!

You can have a test drive with the free trial version. The features are complete without any restriction compared to the full licensed version. So you can try it out first in case you just want to make sure it fits your needs or not.

The only restriction is that of time. The demo version is time limited, but has enough time on the table for you to fully evaluate its worth.

If you find it satisfying and competent enough, which we are sure you will, go ahead with the full version to unlock the limitless potential.

Choose from one of the many packages, which are specifically designed to sit different needs and budget ranges.

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Apple Mail to PST Conversion – Simplified by Mail Extractor Pro.

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