apple mail to pst conversion

Apple Mail to Pst Conversion in Merely 3 Steps

Mail Extractor Pro” (Apple Mail to PST Conversion Tool) is a file converter that converts Mbox files to Pst files in a simple and accurate manner. It can also auto-load your Apple Mail database without needing Mbox files, which makes it much more quicker and precise in its data handling.

apple mail to pst conversion

Apple Mail to PST Conversion

Let us take a look at the 3 steps.

  • 1st step

    Load your data. There are two ways you can do that – Auto-load and Manual Mbox files. When you chose Auto-load, the tool will load the “Mail” folder in your Mac, which is the identity folder for Apple Mail storing all kinds of data. When you manually chose Mbox files, you have to navigate to the location where they are stored (it can be anywhere) and simply select them.

    After that, you can see the folders inside the selected files or database.

  • 2nd Step

    Choose the folders you want to convert. Check all the boxes if you want to convert all the folders from Apple Mail to Pst. This is a nice addition to its features list because it gives you the freedom over what you want to convert and what not. Most tools do not allow that. And therefore, if you are looking to convert only few of the emails to Pst, you would have to convert the whole database, and that is not very productive.

  • 3rd Step

    What’s left is click “convert”. After you click “convert”, the tool will start the conversion process and within minutes will give you the converted Pst files, which are ready to be imported to Outlook.

Outlook versions supported

The Pst files are the primary file format for Outlook for Windows. If you are looking to move to Windows Outlook 2003, 2005, 2007, 2010, or 2013, you can simply import these converted Pst files.

Microsoft recently launched Outlook 2016 for Mac. One of its very handy feature is that it can import Pst files as well, which were previously only supported by Windows versions.

Therefore, “Mail Extractor Pro” can work for you even if you are moving away from Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 for Mac.

apple mail to pst

Tutorial: Import mbox to Outlook 2016

Thorough Migration

When Mail Extractor Pro extracts data from Mbox file or Apple Mail database directly, it makes sure no data constituents is missed. That means, the data conversion is 100% accurate and complete.

Here is a list of all the types of information and data items that it preservers fully. These are extremely hard for any other Apple Mail to PST Conversion tool –

  • Email attachments
  • folder structure
  • email properties
  • nested messages
  • graphical data
  • Imbedded Emails
  • Non-English content
  • Read/unread status of emails

apple mail to pst converter

Get it for Apple Mail to PST Conversion

This is where you can find a free trial version to download.

Give it a try –

“Mail Extractor Pro” is not one of the most effective tool for Apple Mail to Pst conversion; it is the most effective tool.

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