Apple Mail Import to Entourage 2008 – The Easy Way

Jumping straight to the point, if you want Apple Mail import to Entourage 2008, there is no better way than “Mail Extractor Max”. It is a software solution to convert Apple Mail files (or database) to other formats, including Entourage 2008. It delivers accuracy, speed, and an ease of use.

Here are few of the pointers proving why “Mail Extractor Max” is the best, most accurate, and most effective way for Apple Mail import to Entourage 2008.

More than just Apple Mail Import to Entourage 2008

It is a complete one-in-all solution for Apple Mail migration. You can use it to convert your Apple Mail data to

  • Outlook 2011 for Mac
  • Entourage 2004/2008
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Postbox
  • OLM
  • MBOX
  • RGE
  • EML
50% more quicker than the second fastest tools

It employs a highly intricate but effective data conversion logic, which can work very fast. The tool will scan your files from Apple Mail, extract the data thoroughly, and implement it all into your chosen output format (Entourage 2008, OLM, MBOX, etc) in no time. Everything is being done with lightning fast speed, and you can convert several Gbs of your data in half the time other tools generally take.

Accurate, thorough, and precise to the single bit of data

Emails have come far from just being the text messages. They contain attachments, images, many other graphical objects, etc. They have several data or properties associated with them, such as sender and receiver IDs, time and date stamps, etc. Moreover, the Apple Mail client itself stores several pieces of information in its own way, such as the folder structure, read/unread status of emails, and non-English content.

Apple Mail Import to Entourage 2008The trouble is that other email clients have these same data elements structured in a different way. That is why it can become a severe pain to convert the data thoroughly, while keeping all these components unmodified.

This is where “Mail Extractor Max” does something that can solely make it one of the best, if not the best. It keeps all these properties and elements same after the conversion. Attachments, embedded images, email meta-data, non-English content, read/unread status of emails, folder structure, and any graphical objects within email – will be exactly same in your Entourage 2008 converted files.

Complete Migration

It not only converts emails, but your address book, calendar data, archives, and tasks to the appropriate format.

Auto-load Feature that eliminates the need of Mbox files

Almost all the tools need Mbox files to convert Apple Mail content to Entourage 2008. Not “Mail Extractor Max”.
Its auto-load feature can load your “Mail” folder in your Mac, which is the basic identity folder of Apple Mail containing all the emails, contacts, and calendar entries. Therefore, there is no need to manually load the Mbox files. Experts say that this by far the most accurate, quick, and the efficient way of Apple Mail migration because it eliminates the chances of data corruption by targeting the basic folder directly.

Get your free trial version copy here. If you are ever in need of asking some question or face a problem you can’t solve, there is an excellent 24×7 customer support that will always steer you towards the solution. And they are quick, responsive, and friendly.

Therefore, “Mail Extractor Max” is literally the solution that has got all the features you will ever need for a successfully Apple Mail Import to Entourage 2008.

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