Easy and Quick Apple Mail Import to Entourage 2004 / 2008

Apple Mail and Entourage, both are excellent email clients for Mac computers. However, there may be many instances when one is forced to leave Apple Mail and move to Entourage. It could be due to any reasons, work related or personal. The bigger question is, how can one transfer the data from Apple Mail to Entourage 2004 / 2008, without leaving any part of their data behind.

Apple Mail Import to Entourage 2004

Many times it is observed that when ordinary tools or methods are used for Apple Mail import to Entourage 2004 / 2008, users can end up with incomplete migration. Sometimes it is attachments that are lost, sometimes is it is embedded images within emails, and at other times, it might be complete emails that are lost.

The another concern is usually shown by users who can’t afford to spend a considerable amount of time migrating the data. They are afraid that a big database might take countless hours to convert for Entourage. And they are not unreasonable in doubting this. Their concern is purely based on the general consensus of the users, who have repeatedly reported about the frustrating speed of email migration with majority of tools. It is quiet accepted that while converting the emails and contacts from Apple Mail to Entourage 2004 / 2008, it will take time.

Both of these two problems have always making the users frustrated and struggling in this task.

Mail Extractor Max helps, Apple Mail import to Entourage 2004 / 2008, Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac, Thunderbird, Postbox supported file format including RGE, OLM, MBOX, EML.

And that’s where a tool called “Mail Extractor Max” comes in. Not only does it offer complete and exhaustive transfer of data, it also does it with a lightning fast speed. When measured accurately, it showed a significant increase in data conversion speed, almost as fast as 1GB/10 minutes. That is 60% improvement in the generally accepted speed of such email migration jobs.

Although, these two features of “Mail Extractor Max” put the tool at top, they are not certainly the only features. It also supports contacts and calendar data conversion with equal precision. You can convert all your contacts and calendar entries to Vcf and ICs file respectively. Moreover, the tool is also built for users that have to deal with content in languages including, or other than English Which means, whatever language your emails are in, you can be assured that they will be safe.

Also, “Mail Extractor Max” supports many other output formats, other than Entourage 2004 / 2008. You can also convert the Apple Mail data to Thunderbird, Outlook, Olm, EML, RGE, and Postbox format. Simply choose your desired format and the tool will convert your Apple Mail data in the chosen file format.

Give it a try today!

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And before I conclude this article, there is one more feature that “Mail Extractor Max” excels in. It is its user-friendliness. Essentially, any level of computer user, expert or otherwise, can start using the tool without any hassle whatsoever. Thanks to its special graphical design, which converts the tedious task of Apple Mail import to Entourage 2004 / 2008 into a truly effortless task.

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